Why Is My Xbox Headset So Quiet


Xbox One is an amazing console, but it can be frustrating when your Xbox headset is too quiet during gaming sessions. Although this is a common issue, there are ways to fix it and enjoy crystal clear audio while gaming. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind this problem and provide you with solutions to make your Xbox headset louder.

Why is my mic so quiet when I talk on Xbox?

There are various reasons why your Xbox headset may be too quiet. Let’s take a look at the most common causes:

  • Hardware issues: If your headset is damaged or not properly connected, it can result in low microphone volume. To check for any hardware issues, you can use Microphone monitoring to test your headphones.

  • Profile settings: Your Xbox profile settings can prevent you from communicating with others or adding friends. These settings can also affect the volume of your microphone.

How to turn up mic volume on Xbox?

Before we dive into the solutions, let’s perform a few preliminary checks:

  • Check the hardware: Inspect your headset and its cord for any damage. Ensure that the connector is clean and the headset is properly connected to your controller. If possible, try using the headset on a different Xbox device.

  • Check for updates: Make sure that both your console and controllers are up to date with the latest firmware.

  • Inspect the batteries: Check if the batteries are fully charged and properly inserted in place.

  • Compatibility: Ensure that the headset you are using is compatible with Xbox One.

1. Test your Xbox One chat headset

  1. Sign in to Xbox Live on your Xbox One console.
  2. Press the Xbox button to open the guide.
  3. Select “Start a party” (Note: You do not need to invite anyone for this test).
    Why is Xbox Mic Quiet? Here’s How to Fix & Make it Louder
  4. Make sure the volume is turned up.
  5. Speak into the microphone.

If your headset is working properly, you will see the ring around your avatar light up.

2. Use Skype to test the headset

  1. Sign in to your Xbox account.
  2. Select the Skype app.
  3. Choose “People” and then select the “Skype Test Call” contact.
    Why is Xbox Mic Quiet? Here’s How to Fix & Make it Louder
  4. Select “Voice call” and Skype will attempt to connect your voice call.
  5. The call will ask you to speak into the microphone and repeat what was heard.

3. Adjust the microphone volume

  1. Press the Xbox button.
  2. Navigate to System and then select “Audio”.
  3. Set “Mic monitoring” to a higher value.
    Why is Xbox Mic Quiet? Here’s How to Fix & Make it Louder

4. Change to Energy saver

  1. Open Xbox One’s settings and navigate to Power and Startup. Select “Power mode”.
    Why is Xbox Mic Quiet? Here’s How to Fix & Make it Louder
  2. Set Power mode to “Energy saving”.
  3. Save the changes.

5. Check Xbox profile settings

  1. Press the Xbox button on your controller.
  2. Select “Settings” and then “All Settings” from the list of options.
    Why is Xbox Mic Quiet? Here’s How to Fix & Make it Louder
  3. Go to Account using the left navigation pane and choose “Privacy and online safety”.
    Why is Xbox Mic Quiet? Here’s How to Fix & Make it Louder
  4. Select “Adult defaults” and click on “View details and customize”.
    Why is Xbox Mic Quiet? Here’s How to Fix & Make it Louder
  5. In “Communicate with voice and text”, select “Specific friends” or “Everybody”, depending on your preference.
    Why is Xbox Mic Quiet? Here’s How to Fix & Make it Louder

6. Check mic through Sign in

  1. Go to the Home of Xbox One.
  2. Navigate to the Sign-in option.
  3. Select “Choose this person”.
  4. After selecting the desired profile, check your microphone by joining any party.

7. Power cycle your Xbox

  1. Press the Xbox button on your controller for a few seconds to turn off the controller without removing the headphones.
  2. Press the Xbox button on Xbox One to turn it off.
  3. Once all the modules are turned off, unplug the power cable of Xbox One.
  4. Leave everything as it is for approximately 5 minutes.
  5. Turn everything back on and check if your microphone is working properly.

This guide should help you resolve the issue of a quiet Xbox headset. If you are still experiencing problems, refer to our separate guide on fixing the Xbox One headset microphone not working issue. We would love to hear your thoughts and if any of these solutions helped you. Share your feedback in the comments section below.

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