Why Is My Jabra Headset Not Working

If your Jabra Evolve2 75 headset stopped working properly, this guide will help with some common issues and troubleshooting tips to try.

No one can hear me or I can’t hear them

jabra evolve2 75 troubleshooting audio

Make sure Evolve2 75 is set as default for input and output audio.

  1. On Windows go to your start menu > control panel > hardware and sound > sound > under playback and recording make sure Link 380 is set as default.

Try a full reset

jabra evolve2 75 troubleshooting

This fixes a number of issues like bad sound quality, or the Evolve2 75 no longer gives you audio.

  1. Unplug the Link 380 USB Dongle
  2. Turn off your headset
  3. Restart your computer
  4. Once computer is restarted, reconnect the Link 380 USB Dongle and turn your headset back on

Full reset for mobile phone

jabra evolve2 75 troubleshooting mobile phone

  1. Power off your Evolve2 75 headset
  2. Go to your mobile phone Bluetooth settings and forget the device from your Bluetooth connections
  3. Power off your mobile phone and power it back on
  4. Re-pair the Evolve2 75 with your mobile phone and see if that’s the fix

Manual reset

jabra evolve2 75 troubleshooting manual reset

  1. Turn your headset on
  2. Press and hold the answer/end button as you hold volume “+” and in about 3-5 seconds you should see a pink light appear. When this happens, release your fingers.
  3. Once the pink LED goes out, your Evolve2 75 is reset. Keep in mind, you will need to re-pair the headset with the Link 380 or with your mobile phone after this process.

Audio/connectivity issues

jabra evolve2 75 troubleshooting usb hub

  1. Make sure you’re not connecting the Evolve2 75 with Bluetooth to your computer and instead make sure you use the Link 380 USB Dongle that’s included.
  2. If you’re connecting to a USB Hub, unplug the Link 380 and try a different port on the Hub. If it still doesn’t work, connect the Link 380 directly to your computer or laptop and see if there’s any difference.

Firmware update

  1. Download Jabra Direct
  2. Make sure the Link 380 USB Dongle and headset are both connected to your computer
  3. If available, update your headset firmware
  4. Once updated, disconnect the Link 380, turn off your headset, restart your computer then reconnect the USB Dongle.

Not getting ability to answer/end calls away from computer

Not all computer softphones have a built in integration with headsets to allow this feature, so you want to make sure you have a compatible softphone first. If you don’t know, contact us and we can verify compatibility for you.

If you’re certain your softphone is compatible with remote answering, make sure you are using the Link 380 USB Dongle and not connecting your headset to the computer via Bluetooth or you won’t get this ability.

Microphone issues even after multiple replacements

We have many customers using the Jabra Evolve2 75 but a handful of people are reporting microphone issues, and if you look online it seems to be a big enough issue. After the troubleshooting steps above, this is the last ditch effort you can try if your also having a microphone issue.

  1. Download previous version of firmware here
  2. Open Jabra Direct and go to “updates” page
  3. Click the “update from file” button that appears
  4. Choose firmware 1-7-4 zip file
  5. Wait for the update to complete
  6. Before connecting your headset again, within Jabra Direct, go to the “settings” tab and disable “automatic device updates”, otherwise Jabra Direct will try and upgrade the firmware again automatically.

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