Vr Headset With Full Body Tracking

VR gaming has become an expensive hobby, and choosing the right accessories is more important than ever. If you’re looking to enhance your immersion in virtual reality, investing in extra trackers is a must. Full body tracking is the next big wave in VR, and in this article, we’ll explore the three best options available in the market.

But before we dive in, it’s important to note that full body tracking requires more than just trackers alone. For example, Quest users will also need to purchase base stations to detect the trackers’ movement, and all players will need straps to connect the trackers to their bodies. So, keep these factors in mind as you plan your full body tracking setup.

Tundra: The Industry Standard for Third-Party Trackers

When it comes to third-party VR trackers, Tundra stands out as the default provider in 2023. Tundra’s hardware is simple, intuitive, and comfortable, making it a favorite among VR enthusiasts. In fact, Tundra has made significant improvements over Vive’s proprietary offerings, claiming to be 30% lighter while maintaining equal battery life and accuracy.

Tundra Labs currently offers bundles of three and four trackers for $360 and $480, respectively. With each bundle, you’ll also receive a cable set, a carrying case, and a wireless dongle. One of Tundra’s key selling points is its universal dongle, which allows multiple trackers to connect via a single USB port. This versatility makes Tundra the practical choice for gamers who plan to use a demanding eight-point full body tracking system.

HaritoraX 1.1: An Affordable Eight-Point Tracking Solution

Shiftall, a Japanese VR tech company, has made waves in the industry with its innovative full body tracking system, the HaritoraX. This five-point FBT system features a partial bodysuit form factor and offers a coveted feature: the ability to detect both movement and limb rotation. The best part is that the HaritoraX requires no additional equipment, making it a great option for Quest users without base stations.

The only downside is that the HaritoraX 1.1 is currently sold out. However, a new batch is scheduled to release in March 2023, so you can expect a restock in the spring. Once they become available again, you’ll be able to snag one of the best all-in-one tracker solutions for just $300. Additionally, expansion options are available to track elbows and hips, ensuring your VR dance moves truly pop.

SlimeVR: Budget-Friendly with Impressive Features

If you’re a budget-conscious gamer looking for quality trackers, SlimeVR has got you covered. This American startup offers preorders on bundles of five trackers at an incredible price of just $165. Not only does SlimeVR come at a fraction of the cost compared to other options, but it also boasts double the battery life of Vive 3.0 and Tundra trackers.

Similar to the HaritoraX, SlimeVR is currently only available for preorder. You can choose from various packages, with the most expensive bundle including ten trackers and six rotation extensions for $455. Preorders are expected to start shipping on July 31, 2023, although delays are always possible. While SlimeVR may not have the same premium feel and accuracy as Tundra or Shiftall trackers, it is undoubtedly the best option for budget-conscious gamers seeking full body tracking.

In conclusion, if you’re looking to enhance your virtual reality experience, investing in full body tracking is a wise choice. Tundra, HaritoraX, and SlimeVR offer unique features and varying price points, catering to different needs and budgets. Remember to research compatibility with your existing hardware before making a purchase. With the right trackers, you’ll take your VR gaming to a whole new level.

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