Vr Headset Compatible With Ps4

The ways of gaming are constantly evolving, and with the invention of virtual reality, gaming has never been the same.

For those of you who are new to this term, virtual reality has made a breakthrough in the gaming world. VR gaming is an immersive perspective into a game, where the user, equipped with different VR devices, gets to experience the gaming world through their five senses. Pretty groundbreaking if you ask me. Over the years, Virtual reality has cemented its circle of influence into the primary entertainment industry, and its impact on the gaming universe is no exception. Yet, as always with new technology come new questions. While the hunt for the best virtual reality headset is never-ending, questions about the compatibility of games and devices are something more decipherable.

If you’re someone looking for the best affordable VR headset for PS4 or someone looking to get a taste of the VR gaming world, you’ve hit a jackpot. Read on to discover the (not so secretive) secrets of virtual reality and maybe you’ll leave with an order at checkout.

Let’s dive in!

Are VR headsets compatible with PS4?

Product Review

  • Affordability
  • Design
  • PSVR Games
  • Downside



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Are VR headsets compatible with PS4?

This query has bombarded every Play Station 4 VR gaming page and rightfully so. In terms of choosing VR devices, compatibility is often an issue. The key importance is of the device.

PCs tend to have a lot of compatible VR devices, but devices such as the PS4 are more specific. At a first glance, this detail might seem to annoy you but give it a thought. Having a specific VR for your device makes your life easier.

Today, we’re reviewing the best (and only) VR headset. The Renowned PSVR; THE headset for a PS4.


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Why we love it:

  • Wide variety of Media
  • HDMI input equipped for higher visuals
  • 3D audio tech compatible

Sony has once again not left us disappointed with this product. From affordability to picture quality, the PSVR is the best current overall VR headset (for PS4) on the market today. Users have raved about the incline volume buttons and the built quality.

Is it Affordable?

The PlayStation VR can be regarded as one of the affordable VR available right now, primarily gaming. And its price point reflects this standpoint. As the name suggests, the PS VR is mainly built VR for Ps4 users and does exceptionally well in the Ps4 VR games. It is the pioneer of popular VR titles like The Batman Arkham VR, and Resident Evil is a great game that every gaming enthusiast must try.

You can get this PlayStation VR on Amazon for just under 350$. However, to get additional accessories like a PlayStation camera or move controllers, you have to spend extra bucks. But if you still want these attachments, the bundle pack for around $100 is a great option, including a specific PlayStation game. Seriously, a nice bonus to have on the go.

For players struggling to gain this exposure through to entry barriers which mostly consist of cost, this spec serves as a lifesaver. Not only has this, but Sony’s commitment to this product probably meant great updates are on the way. For good deals, order this best budget VR headset on Amazon today!

You can get the SONY PLAYSTATION VR on Amazon

To further enhance your PS4 gameplay we recommend opting for a surround sound system. To look for choices check out our related article on the best surround sound system for PS4


We’ve already mentioned the incline volume buttons and the ease of plug-in but there’s more to that. Unlike most of the typical VR headsets, the PS VR looks more modern and aesthetics to the eye. The black and white ending gives it a sleek glance, and the front-faced blue lights look a perfect match for the gamers and prove to be functional to the headset itself.

Furthermore, instead of taking the Velcro straps, Sony went with the single Mat strap that covered your head and was easily adjustable and comfortable than the typical Velcro straps. And if you want further perfection, the PS VR got you covered. It comes with additional Cushing so that the device won’t wobble nor slip.

PSVR Games

Talking about PS 4 VR games, Sony has taken upon itself to introduce 50+ ways of VR interaction. So hold on to your PS 4 VR sets, soon you’ll be able to access more thrilling games.

We should add that the VR experience isn’t only limited to games, other applications make use of the PS4 VR set.

The Downside:

Similar to Oculus Rift, the PlayStation VR uses a built-in Dual shock controller to move and interact with things. Speaking of the controllers, the PlayStation VR comes with conventional Duel shock wireless controllers. Although these controllers are great for casual gamers but not made for hardcore gaming.

However, if you want to look more pro, you can always buy PlayStation move controllers, either separately or within a bundle for around $100 to get a sense of further realism. The PS4 headset only on its own gives you much more than anticipated. So, get the PlayStation VR on amazon today and get ready for the ultimate experience.

The PlayStation VR also has a displaced weight on the top rather than sideways, so there is far little impact faced on your face.

Considering the PS4 VR’s price and the numerous advantages, we can say without a doubt that this is the perfect headset for PS4.


Over the years, Virtual reality has cemented its circle of influence into the primary entertainment industry, and its impact on the gaming universe is no exception. Like Sony, HTC, and Oculus, the prominent players in the industry are improving their VR technology each day and developing headsets and games that rightfully mimic our reality. This is why if you’re a gaming enthusiast, now is the right time to live, buy this gadget, and transform your experience to new limits.

A quick question-answer session for eager fans:

Do you need a PS4 for PSVR?

You can use PSVR on other devices like your Mac PC, but the features are very limited. The Play station 4 VR set was made for PS4 console users.

What is the Most amazing VR system?

That depends on the device you’re making it compatible with. This review states the VR system for a PS4, thus it wouldn’t necessarily apply to a virtual reality headset for a PC.

Here is our detailed review of the Best VR Headset for Mac.

What VR headsets work with ps4?

The PSVR is the only headset currently.

Is VR expensive for gaming?

When the VR headsets first came into the market, they cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars. They were untested, and the worst part is they lacked most of the vital accessories. But thanks to the ever-growing technology, nowadays, you can quickly grab a high definition VR headset with controllers and even a brand-new game, just under $400.

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