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The best Turtle Beach headsets manage to balance excellent audio with a lower price tag. These traditionally budget-oriented cups have quickly earned their place in both console and PC setups, and with new luxury models hitting the shelves we’re seeing more and more unique features appearing across the range as well. Turtle Beach itself has plenty of years under its belt, which has left us with a comprehensive spread of headsets to choose from.

The Stealth, Elite, Recon, and Atlas lines run the gamut of prices and features, with compatibility options for PC, consoles (yes, including Nintendo Switch), and mobile devices to boot. That means they’ve got entries for all platforms, many of which are considered some of the best gaming headsets on the market.

Of course, the best Turtle Beach headsets are created for games from the ground up. That design mindset manifests in everything from the mic, to the way the speakers are tuned, to the level of comfort you can expect. After all, if you’re going to have something on your head for hours on end as you play games and chat with friends about playing games, it had better feel good. Thankfully, Turtle Beach’s product line is pretty cozy on your cranium across the board. If you don’t mind dropping big bucks you can get a pretty spectacular sound experience, but even the entry-level headsets will feel and sound great.

The best Turtle Beach headsets 2023

The Turtle Beach Stealth Pro marks the brand’s return to the high-end space, packing luxurious comfort, excellent sound quality, a wealth of additional features – and the price tag to match. This $329.99 / £279.99 device is at the top end of the price scale, but it’s working particularly hard to still offer good value.

Turtle Beach has stormed into this luxury space with a fantastic audio quality that doesn’t compromise on features or additional extras.

Turtle Beach Stealth Pro review

There’s everything you could ask for here. Besides the luxurious sound and crystal clear microphone, we were impressed by the power of the active noise cancellation in particular. Capable of blocking sounds of up to 25dB out of your gaming experience, without causing too much of an interference with the audio quality, this is some of the best noise cancellation we’ve experienced in a gaming headset. It’s helped by the sound-sealing cups on each side of your noggin, even if that higher clamp force does take a little getting used to.

That’s not all, though, the Turtle Beach Stealth Pro has plenty of other tricks up its sleeve. Like the SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless (our top pick for the best gaming headset overall), the Stealth Pro packs two hot-swappable batteries. That means you can keep one charge pack juiced up and quickly swap over when running low – no more emergency cables in the middle of a session.

Throw in simultaneous 2.4GHz and Bluetooth connections and long-lasting comfort and you’ve got everything you would expect from a high-end device in 2023.

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You make certain tradeoffs when you impose a budget on yourself. And when you’re shopping for a gaming headset, first to walk the plank are extraneous features and luxurious construction materials. You won’t find these in the Recon 500’s box, then, since Turtle Beach’s latest in the long-running line costs less than $100/£100. What you do find, crucially, is sound so good it takes you aback.

Replete with fancy features this is not, but the sheer sound quality of Turtle Beach’s remixed Recon elevates it above the vast majority of budget headsets.

Turtle Beach Recon 500 review

Wood composite injection technology. 60mm drivers. Dedicated woofers and tweeters per earcup. It doesn’t sound like the recipe for crisp, precise sound, and yet it all comes together in a powerful surge of ultra-responsive bass, detailed high end, and a pleasingly flat EQ curve with just a bit of audible kick further down the spectrum.

So that’s yours. Take it to the bank. But what isn’t coming along for the ride is much in the way of added features – this is a simple wired model with just a mic mute, detachable mic arm, and volume scroll wheel in the way of physical controls. Not one for perennial tweakers then, but those who enjoy simplicity and fundamentally great audio should scout out this new Recon as one of the latest best Turtle Beach headsets to appear.

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A great budget headset primed for Switch but useful for pretty much everything else.

Turtle Beach Recon 70 review

Those looking for a Turtle Beach headset primed for Nintendo Switch – and that’s wallet-friendly – should look no further than the Recon 70. Despite its low price, it’s the complete package: good sound with well-balanced bass; a decent microphone; and it’s fairly comfortable too. That’s a strong start for a headset at the budget end of the spectrum.

Though it does have some drawbacks: it doesn’t score as highly with movies or TV, for example. But that’s only because it just sticks to its guns and does what its meant to do well: games.

Oh, and don’t worry about the many variants that are kicking around out there. Even though there’s a Recon 70P, X, and beyond, they’re all the same headset with slightly different colors. Whatever one you choose, you’ll get excellent value for money.

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