Sena 20s Evo Bluetooth Headset

The Sena 20S EVO Bluetooth Headset has long been a favorite among motorcyclists for its exceptional performance. Now, NokiaMA Headset Design takes it a step further with the Sena 20S EVO HD Bluetooth Headset, featuring improved high-definition speakers and an integrated shark fin antenna for enhanced intercom stability. Let’s dive into the details of this state-of-the-art headset.

Unprecedented Refinement

The Sena 20S EVO HD builds upon the success of its predecessor, the Sena 20S. With Bluetooth 4.1 technology and dual Bluetooth communication modules, this headset offers increased performance and reliability, as well as superior high-definition audio quality. Say goodbye to interrupted audio experiences and welcome a seamless blend of incoming and outgoing audio thanks to the advanced Audio Multitasking feature.

A Versatile Companion

Designed with the rider in mind, the Sena 20S EVO HD boasts a sleek and aerodynamic design. Its versatile jog dial ensures easy operation, allowing you to stay connected hands-free with your Bluetooth phone, enjoy stereo music, listen to voice instructions from GPS navigators, and engage in full-duplex intercom conversations with your passenger or fellow riders.

Enhancements Galore

The Sena 20S EVO HD doesn’t stop at improved speakers and intercom stability. This cutting-edge headset also offers a host of additional features, including advanced wind noise cancellation, a versatile bike-to-bike conference intercom, and an impressive working distance of up to 1.2 miles in open terrain. Moreover, the universal intercom functionality enables seamless communication with other brand headsets, giving you the freedom to connect with any rider.

Expanding the Possibilities

Equipped with dual Bluetooth modules, the Sena 20S EVO HD allows for simultaneous communication across multiple applications. Whether it’s playing music, accessing GPS navigation, making mobile phone calls, or engaging in intercom conversations, you can seamlessly switch between functions without missing a beat. This second-generation Bluetooth communication system offers unparalleled flexibility and reliability.

Crystal Clear Communication

The Sena 20S EVO HD takes intercom communication to a whole new level. With HD voice quality, you can effortlessly communicate with up to eight companions over a distance of 1.2 miles. The advanced Noise Cancellation technology efficiently suppresses wind noise, ensuring clear and distortion-free voice transmission during intercom conversations.

Simple and Intuitive

Operating the Sena 20S EVO HD is a breeze, thanks to its intuitive voice commands. Keep your hands on the handlebars and control intercom connections, mobile phone calls, music playback, and more with a simple voice prompt. The motion sensor feature allows for quick and easy Bluetooth device pairing with a single shake, while NFC (Near Field Communication) dramatically reduces pairing time for seamless phone and intercom setup.

Convenience at Your Fingertips

The all-in-one clamp mount system offers versatile helmet mounting options, allowing you to switch effortlessly between helmets. With dual microphones, one inside the helmet for intercom functionality and the other on the clamp for environmental sound listening, you can enjoy an enhanced audio experience. Additionally, the clamp mount features an earbud port for added convenience.

Specifications and Warranty

The Sena 20S EVO HD offers an impressive talk time of 13 hours and a stand-by time of 10 days, ensuring you never miss a moment on the road. It weighs a mere 60g (2.11 oz) and comes with a two-year warranty for peace of mind. With its compact dimensions and crystal-clear audio quality, this headset is a must-have for any motorcycle enthusiast.

Embrace the NokiaMA Headset Design Experience

With the Sena 20S EVO HD Bluetooth Headset, NokiaMA Headset Design brings you a truly exceptional audio companion for your motorcycle journeys. Elevate your riding experience with cutting-edge technology, improved audio performance, and unmatched versatility. Visit NokiaMA Headset Design today to explore more of our innovative products and accessories.

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