Ps5 Headset Connect To Iphone

Using headphones has several advantages when gaming on your PS5, such as using sound elements to figure out where your enemies are.

But can you use iPhone headphones for gaming on your PS5? This article will provide the answer.

Can You Use iPhone Headphones on PS5?

You can use iPhone headphones for gaming on PS5 by connecting its headphone jack to your PS5 controller. While you might get fantastic sound quality using these headphones, you may be unable to use the mic feature and may also experience some sound latency.

iPhone headphones (also called Earpods) are a bit dated but boast fantastic sound quality that only a few other wired headphones can rival.

They come with a design that’s perfectly suited for the ear’s shape and It speakers are engineered to give you top-notch sound output while minimizing the amount of lost sound.

You can connect and experience fantastic sound quality while playing any game by connecting the Earpods’ 3.5mm jack to your PS5’s controller.

While you will get all the sounds from the game, with fairly good latency, you may have issues when trying to use the mic as it is not built for gaming.

Most people have reported their mic working fine, but in my personal experience you’re much better off with a different option if communicating while playing is important to you.

For example, you can get the Sony Pulse 3D headphones created exclusively for PlayStation 5 consoles. It comes with 3D audio and software that gives a surround sound feel.

The Pulse 3D seamlessly connects to PS5s, PS4s, and some select PCs without Bluetooth. It also has dual noise-canceling microphones and easy-to-access controls that let you easily communicate.

I personally like using HyperX headsets when I game on console. They are high quality, super affordable, and can be used across multiple devices.

Like I mentioned, you can squeak by using iPhone headphones, but you are much better off using a gaming headset. Trust me.

Now that you know if iPhone headphones can connect to your PS5, let’s discuss if AirPods can do the same.

Can You Use AirPods on PS5?

You can use AirPods on PS5, but only if you connect them to your Dualsense controllers using a Bluetooth adapter. You will experience higher-quality sound with some latency. However, you may not be able to use the mic feature in games to talk with other players.

For those that don’t know, sound latency is a slight delay between what happens on your screen and what you can hear.

This may not be a big deal in some games such as NBA 2K or Madden, but in FPS or Battle Royale type games a major sound delay can be catastrophic.

All headphones have some sort of sound latency, however it is much less noticeable when using headsets and headphones designed specifically for gaming.

Apple has produced three AirPods so far: the baseline AirPods, the AirPods Pro, and the AirPods max.

You can connect any of these to your PS5 using a Bluetooth adapter (like this one on Amazon).

Remember to select your USB headphones as the sound output device after you’re done connecting your Bluetooth adapter to your AirPods.

Use the directions below to connect your AirPods to your Bluetooth adapter:

  • Plug your adapter (which is majorly shaped like a small USB) into the USB port on your console.
  • Ensure your adapter is ready to pair and connect it to your AirPods.
  • Insert the 3.5 mm microphone jack into the port on your Dualsense controller.

If you are not an Apple user, here is how you can still use wireless headphones on your PS5.

Can You Use Any Wireless Headphones/EarBuds on PS5?

You can use most wireless headphones/EarBuds on your PS5, but you will need a special adapter in order to connect them to your console. While it’s easy to get Bluetooth adapters for Bluetooth headphones, getting other adapters for other types of wireless headphones besides Bluetooth isn’t as easy.

All Bluetooth headphones are wireless, but not all wireless headphones use Bluetooth. Some other types of wireless headphones include radio-frequency, infrared, or KleerNet.

Although these types of headphones are available, many modern headphones use Bluetooth for wireless connectivity and so you should be fine. I just wanted to make you aware of this.

Other wireless headphones utilize different connection styles. For example, infrared headphones use high-frequency infrared light to connect to other devices.

Unlike Bluetooth headphones, infrared headphones are not altered by other radio transmissions and most other signals, making them a perfect option for everyday use.

While you can connect other wireless headphones using adapters, getting these adapters is more trouble than it’s worth. For this reason it’s best to stick with Bluetooth headphones, which are tested and trusted for gaming.

If wireless headphones are starting to sound like they might be a pain to use on PS5, then you may want to stick with regular headphones. But will just any headphones work on PS5?

Do Normal Headphones Work on PS5?

Normal headphones work on PS5 consoles as long as they can connect to the 3.5m jack found on the PS5’s Dualsense controller. However, you may experience bad sound latency if you use a low-quality pair of headphones. Also, your mic might not sync properly with the PS5.

Again, this may not be a big deal for you, but if you enjoy playing completive games online then you will should probably not use cheap, low quality headphones/earbuds when gaming.

Gaming headphones and headsets are much better options for playing games on your PS5, just like I touched on earlier.

Can You Use Headphones as a Mic on PS5?

You can use headphones with mics as your mic on PS5 but they won’t always work well or even at all. This is because these mics tend to be low quality and for this reason it may be difficult for others to hear you clearly.

I have seen streamers who do use budget headphones with budget mics, but this not common. It’s much better to just spend a little extra and get something quality.

In the end, most headphones will work on a PS5. However, if you want the best sound quality when you game, you will want to use a headset or a nice pair of headphones.


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