Oculus Quest Vr Headset Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday Meta Quest 2 deals will hinge on the release of a Meta Quest 3 headset in 2023. With that device supposedly launching around the October window before Cyber Monday, it could have massive impacts on the bundles and price drops we see to Meta’s existing VR portfolio. While bundles are almost a guarantee, we can all cross our fingers for historically low prices for the Quest 2 – Meta has said they’ll continue to support it after the Quest 3 launches.

We’ve been covering Meta Quest 2 deals for years now, through all their highs and lows. It hasn’t exactly been easy for Meta to discount its breakthrough VR headset – after all, it’s already well priced considering the competition and offers one of the easiest ways to step into virtual reality without a hefty background investment. However, price increases and stock issues have made the Quest 2 itself a hot commodity – though with 2022’s Cyber Monday Meta Quest 2 deals in the books, things are certainly looking up.

Last year’s $50 / £50 discounts on the 128GB model and $70 / £70 discounts on the 256GB model were both supported by free copies of Beat Saber and Resident Evil 4. The value of these savings roughly matched out to the previous $299.99 / £299.99 base price of the headset (before Meta upped it to $399.99 / £399.99 in 2022). However, should we see new hardware on the shelves before November comes around, we’re expecting Cyber Monday Meta Quest 2 deals to do far better than that this year.

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What to expect from Cyber Monday Meta Quest 2 deals in 2023

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We were all set for disappointment last year, following Meta’s price surge on the Quest 2 headset. However, while the $399.99 / £399.99 base MSRP stayed the same over the holiday window, we were treated to significant savings which still worked to offer excellent value. That’s because we saw $50 / £50 off the 128GB model and $70 / £70 off the 256GB model with free copies of Beat Saber and Resident Evil 4 packed in. Overall, the value here stuck to within the same level offered in previous sales, where we enjoyed a $50 / £50 gift card with each system at its previous $299.99 / £299.99 price.

In 2023, things remain to be seen. The price rise of the Quest 2 gave way at the beginning of the Summer when the Quest 3 was revealed, bringing it back to the retail prices we had seen previously. I would hedge bets on there being some Quest 2 bundles again this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but whether there’s a price drop remains to be seen. The Quest 3 is supposedly launching in October, so depending on how this goes, we could see bundles for the new headset and a price drop for the Quest 2, but I can’t imagine Quest 2 price drops being a priority when there’s a successor on the market this Winter.

What’s always certain is that there will be plenty of Meta Quest 2 accessory deals this Cyber Monday. Big sales events like these always give you a good opportunity to add a little battery life, a little more comfort, and more personalization to your VR loadout.

There’s also the question of the Quest Pro, which we reviewed earlier this year. While we weren’t big fans of it, demand has been pretty low – perhaps due to the Metaverse falling flat on its face, but also due to the price of the headset being pretty high. To try and ship some units, I can see some price drops for the Quest Pro, but again, with the Quest 3 cleaning house, I’m not sure a lot of faith can be put into Meta dropping the price of a device that hasn’t performed all that well.

Last year’s best Cyber Monday Meta Quest 2 deals in the US

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