Oculus Quest Vr Headset Black Friday

Black Friday Meta Quest 2 deals will arrive quicker than you think. With the launch of the brand new Meta Quest 3 creeping ever closer, it’s bound to be a good year for Quest deals when we get to November. Whether its a further reduction on the Quest 2 headset, some bundles that offer good value, or accessories and games on the cheap, Black Friday will probably see the best Quest 2 deals of the entire calendar year.

Straight off the bat, 2023 is a different kettle of fish in the VR market, especially compared to last year. We’ve had PSVR 2, the announcement of Quest 3, Apple Vision Pro’s reveal – it’s all happening. The Quest 2 still fits nicely into the occasion though, and if you’re wondering if its still going to be worth buying once its successor comes along, all you’ll need to look at is the years of successful support, massive game store, and very reasonable price. The Quest 2 has long been the headset to try if you’re looking for your very first forray into VR – and it looks like it will stay that way since Meta says it will continue to support it going forward.

So, how much can we expect to save on a Meta Quest 2? Will the Quest Pro offer some early discounts? How will the rumored 2023 announcement of the Meta Quest 3 impact our wallets? We’re rounding up everything you can expect from this year’s Black Friday gaming deals on the best VR headset around right here.

Black Friday Meta Quest 2 deals: FAQ

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What to expect from Black Friday Meta Quest 2 deals in 2023

It’s been an interesting year for VR so far. PSVR 2 rolled around, stealing a lot of the limelight, but Meta soon answered with its announcement about the Meta Quest 3. The new Quest headset will likely launch before Black Friday comes around, meaning the Quest 2 will be in an interesting spot this Holiday season. Meanwhile, the Quest Pro and HTC Vie XR Elite have struggled to properly make a name for themselves, and I don’t even need to mention the Apple shaped elephant in the room that’s making every other headset quake in its boots.

The Quest 2 and Quest Pro both saw discounts over Amazon Prime Day in the Summer months – the Quest Pro receiving them despite rumours it would be discontinued. With the Quest 3’s launch imminent, the popular Quest 2 might show its quality as a “budget VR device” – there’s a phrase we’re not used to. Whether there are large price cuts or not, Meta Quest 2 deals are a staple of any big online deals event, and we always see discounts to third party accessories if not the headset itself. Last year during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we also saw some excellent store deals on the digital Oculus store, so if you’ve been keeping your eye on certain VR games, Black Friday Meta Quest deals could be the time to pull the trigger on them.

Last year’s Black Friday Oculus Quest 2 deals truly were something to behold. In both the US and UK, we enjoyed a $50 / £50 discount on the 128GB model and two free games; Beat Saber (worth $29.99/£22.99) and Resident Evil 4 (worth $39.99/£29.99). That meant you could pick up the smaller device for $349 / £349 with an extra $69.98 / £52.98 worth of value included. I’d be shocked if we didn’t see some kind of similar bundle in 2023, although things will come cheaper now that Meta Quest 2’s price dropped in the Summer following the announcement about its upcoming sibling.

Now that the mainstay prices of the Quest 2 are £299/£299 and $349/£349, a 2023 Black Friday price cut could mean even cheaper rates than we saw last year. If 2022’s $50 reduction is anything to go by, we could be looking at $250/£250 and $300/£300. This might be wishful thinking, and I think the Quest 3 launch could tell us a lot more about what’s to come.

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Will the Meta Quest Pro be on sale for Black Friday?

We saw a tiny reduction to the Quest Pro for Prime Day in the Summer. While this “premium” device is pretty stubborn when it comes to staying that way, the demand for the Quest Pro just hasn’t been there since it launched and reviewed poorly. If Meta really wants to try and ship some units, you might see a few deals or bundles for the Quest Pro this Black Friday, although I wouldn’t hold out too much hope.

The good news is, since launch, the Quest Pro has come down in price significantly. The bad news is, it’s still a grand on either side of the Atlantic.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Bizarely, the Quest Pro has sneakily been reduced down to £779 in the UK at Amazon.

This device wasn’t our favorite when we reviewed it, and if its VR gaming you’re after, there are better optionsfor cheaper. That said, this is a big discount for an expensive headset – if you can afford it and its definitely this you want, now might be a good time to pull the trigger.

Is the 256GB Meta Quest 2 worth it?

The 256GB Meta Quest 2 is now $349 / £349, $100 / £100 more expensive than the smaller 128GB model. If you’re concerned about running out of storage space, though, is the 256GB version really worth it?

Of course, that all depends on how many games you’re going to be loading onto your system, and how large their file sizes are. Looking at the top releases on the Meta shelves this Black Friday, the average file size you’re going to come up against is around 3.5GB.

  • Bonelab – 7GB
  • NFL Pro Era – 2.5GB
  • Superhot VR – 2.1GB
  • Blade & Sorcery Nomad – 2.3GB
  • Job Simulator – 1.8GB
  • The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners – 7.3GB
  • Onward – 3.5GB
  • Beat Saber – 1.5GB

Take away 8GB or so for the system files, and the 128GB headset will offer up enough space for around 34 titles of this size, jumping up to 70 for the 256GB model. If you’ve already got a shopping list that exceeds that former figure, or you’re more likely to be playing larger titles it’s well worth upgrading. However, the vast majority of users won’t find value in spending more on storage they aren’t going to ultimately use.

Last year’s best Black Friday Oculus Quest 2 deals

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