Oculus Quest 2 Headset Accessories

The best Meta Quest 2 accessories can do a wide range of things. Some improve how wear our pick for the best VR headset we have ever tested and others improve how you carry the Quest 2 around.

Other accessories range from external batteries to controller grips, sweat-controlling face covers and more. And every last one on this list has been tested by us to ensure that if you get one of these accessories, it’s going to improve your VR experience.

So if you are ready to upgrade your VR experience, check out our picks below for the best Meta Quest 2 accessories you can buy today.

The best Meta Quest 2 accessories you can buy today

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The Elite Strap with Battery Pack is our recommendation for the best Meta Quest 2 accessory because it’s just brilliantly designed. Yes, it’s pricey at $119, but it attaches to the Quest 2 with ease and allows users to adjust the fixture and position of the headset with the turn of a dial. Plus the battery pack boosts your headset’s battery life and can be charged simultaneously with the Meta Quest 2 battery when you’re not in VR.

Remember, this is the Elite Strap with Battery Pack, not the separate accessory called Elite Strap, which can be found for $59. For those looking to save a little, the Elite Strap alone is still worth it but we found the Battery Pack version to be worth the extra money.

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Considering that the Quest 2 can be played without a computer, having a carrying case is a must-have accessory for on-the-go VR. We recommend the official Meta Quest 2 carrying case for its excellent design and premium feel, but there are more options we tested on the best Meta Quest 2 cases.

Seriously, Meta hit it out of the park with this case. It’s designed in a way to fit the Quest 2 and its controllers in as tight a package as possible. That does mean there’s very little room for additional accessories. Also, the Meta Quest 2 carrying case might not fit all third-party straps. But the premium felt exterior plus the single zipper suggests designers put in a lot of time to making this carrying case look and feel exceptional.

(Image credit: VR Cover)

The standard foam pads on the face cover of the Meta Quest 2 are a little awkward as the material isn’t the most breathable and it can suck up face sweat from extended virtual reality sessions. That’s not exactly appealing if you really want to immerse yourself in a VR world.

So we can recommend the Facial Interface and Foam Replacement Set from VRCover for Quest 2. As a premium take on the classic Quest 2 face pads, the replacement has its own clip that connects to the inside of the Quest 2. So if you have multiple people using the VR headset, you can quickly swap the face pads on and off.

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The AMVR Touch Controller Grip Covers are the best knuckle straps for the Meta Quest 2. These straps are easy to set up and use and can be adjusted on the fly. For games that require a lot of punching or other sudden movements, the AMVR grip covers will ensure the Quest 2 controllers stay adhered to your hands.

AMVR’s main selling point, unfortunately, turns out to be its one weakness. Because these knuckle grips stay adhered to the hands, you’ll need to take the controller off your hand completely to free up your fingers. For example, it’s hard to adjust the Quest 2 head strap without pulling the controllers off your hands first. It’s a small annoyance, but the added security is worth it.

(Image credit: Anker)

The Anker Charge Dock is less of an essential Meta Quest 2 accessory and more of a nice top have. That’s because it’s a neat way to charge your headset and Quest 2 controllers, or simply keep it topped up with electrical juice when you’re not using it.

Charging is provided via a magnetic USB-C insert that connects directly to the Quest 2, without the need for additional wires. And that magnet keeps the headset in place, making it a neat accessory to integrate into part of your entertainment setup. The dock also comes with its own controller battery covers to enable wireless charging for them as well as the headset.

At $98, the Anker Charge Dock is arguably rather expensive, but it co

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