Noise Canceling Wireless Headset With Microphone

With everyone working from home on Zoom meetings or softphone calls, you may be looking for the best noise canceling headset with mic to hear and be heard crystal clear.

When you’re on calls or meetings, the last thing you or anyone else wants to hear is background noise of kids screaming, dogs barking or co-workers talking around you.

Reducing these noises will help you have more productive conversations, and a noise canceling headset with mic will help solve this problem.

The best noise canceling headset with mic we’d recommend in 2022 will have some unique benefits for you to consider.

If you’d rather watch a video instead we’ll include that below.

Best noise canceling headset with mic video- Tilde Pro

You may be wondering out of all the models why this is our choice. In this blog I’ll break down why I feel this is your best choice to consider. From there you can make the decision for yourself.

One headset for all your needs

You may be using one headset for calls and meetings, then another for your mobile phone and another for music.

Instead, you can buy one pair of headphones that works great for all your needs.

The Tilde Pro can be used wired, wireless, with a mic boom or without so you have a ton of flexibility to adapt the headset to your needs at the time.

Detachable mic boom

When you want to the use the Tilde Pro for your personal use for music, movies or podcasts, chances are you don’t want to have a mic boom in the way when you’re out in public to look like you’re at work or in a Call Center.

You can simply detach the mic boom in this case.

When you’re ready to get back to businsess for your calls or meetings and want the best mic quality possible, reattach the mic boom and you’ll be heard crystal clear.

Oh, and if you do need to take a call without the mic boom, there’s microphones built in.

Adjustable ear cushion speakers

orosound tilde pro gif

Often we get asked if a headset worn on-the-ears or over-the-ears is best. There’s no right or wrong answer because everyone has different preferences as to what’s best for them.

Unlike other headphones, you can easily switch between the two.

For example, if you order the Tilde Pro variation that is worn on-the-ear (S+) and decide 6 months down the road, you’d prefer a headset worn over-the-ears, instead of buying a whole new headset, you can purchase inexpensive over-the-ear cushions instead.

Multi point connectivity

The Tilde Pro has Bluetooth 5.0 and can seamlessly connect between your mobile phone and computer.

For example, you can use the headset with Zoom on your computer. When done, if you need to make a mobile phone call, you don’t need to re-pair the headset to your mobile phone.

The headset will already recognize it’s connected and from there you’re able to use the headset on your mobile phone, seamlessly.

Noise reduction

Most headphones use ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) in their speakers to block out as much noise in your environment possible.

The Tilde Pro uses ANR (Active Noise Reduction) instead, so you can choose how much noise you want to let in, without it feeling like you’re in a room with no noise.

Imagine being in a room with no noise to be stuck in your own thoughts!

In addition, the microphone is noise reducing as well so when you have distractions going on around you, those noises will be reduced for callers to hear you clear and not what’s going on around you.

If you want to hear how the microphone sounds and how much noise it cancels out, watch the video above which will show you a number of mic tests with and without noise going on around you.


When you wear a dual speaker headset, sidetone plays a very important role so you can talk at a normal level without yelling.

In the Orosound Link app, you’ll be able to adjust sidetone to a level that’s most comfortable for you.

Wired mode

If your battery runs low or you prefer to use the Tilde Pro as a wired headset, simply plug in the USB cable and you now have a wired headset.

You can also get an accessory here which will allow you to connect to your mobile phone or any device with a 3.5mm port.

Extremely long battery

You won’t need to worry about charging your headset often because the battery is rated up to 28 hours on a single charge! If you were to use the headset non stop for 8 hours a day, you wouldn’t need to charge the Tilde Pro headset for about 3 days.

Stylish design

I’m personally a fan of the design on this headset with the minimalistic gun metal finish, leatherette cushions and fabric on top of the headband.

I’ll let you be the judge on that though as everyones preferences are different.

Longer warranty

Most headsets offer you about a 1 year warranty and don’t last as long as you’d like. The Tilde Pro, although not the cheapest headset up front on the market, it’s a headset you can expect to last for many years.

You’re covered with a 3 year warranty and can expect atleast 5+ years of use before needing to replace this headset.

So, up front it will be an investment but long term a good one!

See how the Tilde Pro compares to other noise canceling headsets with mics.

Sony XM4 vs Tilde Pro video

Bose 700 vs Tilde Pro video

Apple Airpods Max vs Tilde Pro video


You can be the judge for youself on how the Tilde Pro headset compares to these other noise canceling headphones with mic you may be considering.

Although these other brands you’re very familiar with, they aren’t best when it comes to a business application.

A headset with a mic boom is always going to sound better then one without.

The advantage of the Tilde Pro and why we’re claiming this as the best noise canceling headset with mic for 2022 is the flexibility it gives you.

When you’re on calls or meetings and you want the best mic quality, simply snap on the mic boom for HD voice quality. When you want it as your personal headphones, snap off the mic boom and you have a nice pair of noise canceling headphones for your music and anything else.

Not only that, but you get the customization to change out the ear cushions between on-the-ear or over-the-ear and you can use it as a wired or wireless headset.

All that being said, give the Tilde Pro a try for yourself and you can test it for yourself to see if it lives up to the hype or not.

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