My Turtle Beach Headset Won’t Turn On

Turtle Beach headsets are recognized in the gaming world for being state-of-the-art. However, despite innovative and attractive features, they can be victims of bugs or malfunctions that strongly impact your experience. Indeed, it may even happen that your Turtle Beach headset no longer turns on and therefore be unusable. Fortunately, that doesn’t always mean he’s doomed. Certain manipulations make it possible to revive it as we will see now in this article.

What to do when your Turtle Beach headset no longer turns on?

Loading problem

At first, it may be that your Turtle Beach headset no longer turns on because the battery is empty. Then put in long charge your Turtle Beach headset (at least 30 minutes).

Also note that there may ber a conflict with the computer’s USB port. Especially if the LED stays on red. Then try charging your headphones with a separate USB wall charger. For example, you can use the mains adapter of your telephone.

If you already charge your headphones in an AC outlet with a charger, then try another charger and another wall outlet.

Reset the Turtle Beach Headset

It is highly probable that your Turtle Beach headset no longer works due to a software bug. This bug appears in particular on the models of Stealth 600 Gen 2 helmets et Stealth 700 Gen 2. In this case, the symptoms are often similar: pressing the buttons produces no response and the LED stays solid red or goes out after having lit. This problem seems to affect more particularly the Xbox editions.

In order to solve the problem and turn your Turtle Beach headset back on, you will need to perform a hard reset, also called “Hard Reset”. To do this, follow these steps:

  • To reset the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 headset :
    • Simultaneously press the buttons Connect et Fashion.
    • Hold down for at least 20 seconds. Do not release before.
    • The helmet switches off completely and proceeds to the Reset.
    • Then press the headset’s power button to turn it back on.
    • Re-pair the headset to the PlayStation or Xbox.
  • To reset the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 headset :
    • Simultaneously press the buttons Bluetooth et Fashion.
    • Keep pressed for at least 20 seconds. Do not release the front buttons.
    • The headphones and lights turn off to perform the reset.
    • Start the headset again by pressing the power button.
    • Re-pair the headset to the console.

For earlier or different editions of headsets, refer to the user manual to find the reset procedure.

Following the procedure, if the LED remains red or the headset still does not turn on again, try to repeat the operation. Whether the procedure worked or not, you will then have to try to update the Turtle Beach headset to prevent the bug from happening again.

Update your Turtle Beach headset

When your Turtle Beach headset no longer works properly, then proceed to an accessory update. This downloads the latest firmware version which may contain a bug fix. In addition, it also restarts the system and therefore removes any minor malfunctions and errors that may be the cause of the problem with your headset.

To apply the firmware update to your Turtle Beach headset, do the following:

  1. To put power off your Turtle Beach headset
  2. Download and/or open the app Turtle Beach Audio Hub on PC
  3. Connect the USB cable to your helmet
  4. Hold the button Superhuman Hearing™ and connect the other part of the USB cable to a USB port on your computer (Windows or MacOS)
  5. The audio hub should then prompt you to update headset
  6. The update takes approx. 5 minutes

If the procedure does not start, then retry the operation from the beginning. If the procedure worked, then try to turn your headset back on. You may need to pair it to your console again.

Reset the console and re-pair the headset

If your Turtle Beach headset doesn’t work properly, but it turns on, the problem may be caused by a connection fault between headset and console.

Then try to do a reset your console. You will find the manipulation related to your model on the corresponding user manual or on the internet. This manipulation allows you to eliminate malfunctions that may interfere with the connection between the console and the Turtle Beach headset. Once the procedure for resetting your console is complete and correctly carried out, then repair your Turtle Beach headset to the latter.

If nothing helps, unfortunately the problem most certainly comes from a hardware failure. You will then need to call a external service.

How to solve the problem if despite everything your Turtle Beach headset no longer works?

It is possible that your Turtle Beach headset won’t turn on because a component is faulty. Indeed, like any electronic device, the elementary components can wear out and eventually break down. All components are essential for the proper functioning of the helmet. Therefore, it will be necessary to replace it. Note that in principle, hardware failures occur after intensive use of the headset and therefore generally after several years of use.

If you purchased your Turtle Beach headset within the past 2 years, it is still under legal warranty in France. In this case, do not hesitate to contact the Turtle Beach after-sales service for them to repair or replace your helmet free of charge. If it is no longer under warranty, you can still contact them for a personalized solution to your problem. If nothing helps and your Turtle Beach headset does not revive, you will need to contact an independent professional repairer. Following a diagnosis of the breakdown, he will offer you the repair of the product if it is possible. Otherwise, you will unfortunately have to buy a helmet.

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