Monitor Setting On Ps5 Headset

The PS5 Pulse Wireless headset is a product by Sony that has been specifically tuned to deliver the 3D Audio made possible by the PlayStation 5 console. Without further ado, let’s dive into the review for this headset.

The Design of the Pulse

The Pulse 3D Headset looks amazing. It’s design compliments with the PlayStation 5 and the new Camoflauge colours really brings out the feel of a futuristic army headset.

However, as amazing as the design is, the feel of the headset isn’t as comfortable unfortunately. Its circular cups don’t go well with my huge ears and just feel very crammed when I put it on. Luckily enough, the headset is not heavy but its lack of adjustable clamp makes it easy to fall off when moving around aggressively.

The Pulsing Features

The Pulse 3D Headset offers quite a number of accessibility controls on the left side of the earcup. We have the power, mute and volume button in addition to the Monitor button that features the option to hear your own voice. In addition, there’s also a button to adjust the volume between your in-game sound and in-game chat. It is a lot but it’s not too congested and the buttons are evenly spaced out so you won’t make the mistake of pressing two buttons at once.

3D Pulse Headset

The headset also comes with an in-built microphone on both earcups with noise-cancelling technology to deliver clear and audible voice chat. Lastly, the Pulse 3D Headset has a 3.5 mm headphone jack for wired connections and a USB-C port for charging.

To Connect The Pulse

Connecting the Headset is easy enough. Just plug in the USB dongle into your PlayStation 5 console and you are set. You can also go for the wired approach by connecting both the headset and your DualSense controller with a 3.5 mm cable.

Once connected, the audio will immediately switch its output to your headset so there’s no need for you mess around with the settings on your console.

Yes, the Pulse 3D Headset can be connected with the PC and PlayStation 4 but unfortunately certain features like the Monitor button would not be useable. Bear in mind that Sony made this headset with the PS5 in mind so it’s understandable that some features are exclusively for that console.

That being said, much like how it is with the PS5, you simply plug in the USB dongle or through the cable and you’re good to go on the PC.

The Pulse 3D Headset however, does not come with a Bluetooth option so if you’re planning on connecting it to your phone, you’ll need to use the cable and for iphone users, third party peripherals will be your best friend for it.

The Sound and Microphone of The Headset

Quality wise, the audio is translated perfectly in the headset. I tried it out while playing Marvel’s Spider-Man and I could hear just about everything clearly while I swing around New York. Even amidst the chaos during a fight I could still hear Spidey’s quirky dialogue very clearly.

Of course, when you’re using it on the PlayStation 5 that is.

3D Pulse Headset

Plugging the headset on the PC is not really that ideal and it hurts even more when some of its features are locked as I mentioned earlier. If you’re planning on using it to simply tune in to some videos or music it’s fine but don’t expect the same quality that you’d get from the PS5 on the PC when you are gaming.

There is one little bit nitpick I have with the headset though, even when using it on the PS5. The bass boost. Even when I had the Bass option toggled off, it still delivers a little bit of Bass. It kind of throws me off especially when I was playing Apex Legends and have all those gunfires and explosions going around bass boosted to an annoying degree.

As for the in-built microphone, there really isn’t any major issues with it. It works like every other microphone but unfortunately this one is more on the softer and lower volume when it outputs my voice.

3D Audio of the Pulse

Comes in the main selling point for getting the 3D Pulse Headset, the 3D Audio. PlayStation 5 boasts its ability to deliver 3D audio and the 3D Pulse Headset translates that for you very well.

Just from hearing the audio from the headset and you can immediately tell its location even without having information of it. It does become harder to pinpoint the location the more hectic the surroundings become but nevertheless, being able to just guess where the sound comes from is revolutionary as it is.

Imagine you are Spider-Man and you’re swinging around New York. With the 3D audio from the headset, you can get a good grasp of the locations for the various sound going around, from the loud honking from the traffic to even the shouting of the New Yorkers on the streets. It just makes the game feel even more immersive that it already is.

The Pulsing Thoughts

The 3D Pulse Headset delivers audio to your ears just nicely and even translates the 3D Audio from the PS5 very well. There is however, the apparent bass sound that is still present even with the feature toggled off. Albeit low, it can still be quite an annoyance to some.

The design itself is very cool and complements the PS5 console very well. The Camouflage colour is printed out just nice and really gives off the feel of a futuristic army headset. Unfortunately, the headset does not accommodate for those with larger ears and the suspension band does not really clamp well and often comes loose with aggressive moments.

Nevertheless, if you’re planning to get a headset to go with your PS5, then the 3D Pulse Headset is never a bad choice. If you can get over the hiccups it has, then this headset is sure to amplify the immersion you experience in your gaming session.

For more store information of the 3D Pulse Headset, do check out its product page at Sony’s official store website.

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