Logitech G Pro X Headset Review

Most gaming headsets prioritize flashy designs over sound quality. They emphasize LED lights and plastic accents, neglecting bass and treble clarity. However, if you’re in the market for a great pair of headphones, the trends are different. The most impressive headphones are often the most understated. Clad in black and brown, made with premium materials, they don’t rely on colorful lights or flashy designs to catch your attention. They simply need you to try them on.

When I first put on the Logitech G Pro X headset, the craftsmanship immediately stood out to me. It may seem plain at first glance, but upon closer inspection, you’ll notice the plush earpads, solid metal forks, braided cable, and subtle heft. It exudes the same understated elegance as a luxury watch. Combined with its rich and resonant sound, this gaming headset performs like a high-end pair of audiophile headphones, rather than a vibrant accessory for a midnight rave. In 2019, that’s truly remarkable.

A Headset That Doesn’t Embarrass You in Public

When evaluating gaming headsets, especially those priced over $100, I put them to the test. I toss them in a bag and carry them around while going about my day. The crucial part of this test comes when I’m in a public place like a café, airport, or bus stop—I put the headset on and ask myself, “Do I feel embarrassed wearing these and resembling a glowing space helmet or an air traffic controller?” The answer to that question determines the headset’s worth.

The Logitech G Pro X passes this test with flying colors. The headphones sport an understated black design with chrome accents, and the detachable microphone allows you to use them as premium headphones if desired. The headset’s overall design is tasteful and undeniably luxurious. It provides a comfortable, weighty feel on your ears, even if you’re wearing earrings or glasses. The plush leatherette pads rest gently on your ears, without exerting excessive pressure on your head.

The highest endorsement I can give these headphones is simple—sometimes, when I’m wearing them, I forget they’re even there. Whether I’m listening to music, working, or playing games, hours pass by effortlessly with these headphones on my head. They don’t leave my ears sweaty, warm, or sore.

Impressive Sound Quality

Now, let’s talk about how the Logitech G Pro X sounds. To put it to the test, I dove into the immersive world of Destiny 2. This game boasts superb sound design, with atmospheric music accompanying every battle, discovery, and moment of exploration. And let me tell you, it all sounds incredible on the Pro X. Gunshots are sharp and punchy, crackling energy bursts snap and sizzle with perfection. The soundstage is expansive, and the music sounds rich. Even without the included DAC dongle, which connects to the headphones via a mobile-friendly 3.5-mm jack, the size and scope of the sound are impressive.

In competitive multiplayer modes, the G Pro X performs exceptionally well. Directional cues like footsteps and gunshots keep you focused and immersed, while the microphone delivers clear voice communication.

Elevate Your Voice with Blue Voice

In collaborative and competitive multiplayer games, voice communication plays a crucial role. Logitech understands this and provides helpful software (available on Windows and MacOS) for fine-tuning and testing your microphone. Apart from the usual volume adjustments and mic monitoring features, Logitech introduces a significant improvement with the G Pro X—the Blue Voice feature.

Developed by the team behind the renowned Blue Yeti microphones, Blue Voice offers granular control over your voice’s sound and presence. While you can’t transform into Darth Vader, you can certainly polish your voice to sound its best. The software includes several presets that let you sound like a sports broadcaster or an AM radio host. Additionally, you can refine the clarity of your voice, ensuring it comes through as clear and crisp as possible. The voice sampling functionality allows you to record a short test and hear the real-life impact of your adjustments. Initially seeming like a novelty, these voice-tweaking and -testing features prove to be convenient quality-of-life additions that I found myself using regularly.

It’s incredibly convenient to adjust volume and mic monitoring within a single app, rather than doing it on the fly or while in-game. If these features were compatible with consoles, it would be even more amazing.

The Best Headset for Gaming and Beyond

The more time I spent with the Logitech G Pro X, the more frequently I found myself reaching for it instead of my regular headphones. It is undoubtedly the best headset I’ve tested from Logitech and possibly the finest headphones they’ve ever created. It seamlessly works with consoles, PCs, and phones equipped with a 3.5-mm audio jack.

If you’re in search of a gaming headset with exceptional sound but aren’t ready to invest in something as pricey as the SteelSeries Arctis Pro, the Logitech G Pro X is your ideal choice. Its sound quality alone makes it nearly unrivaled in the gaming headset market, and at $130, it offers incredible value for your money.

(You can purchase the Logitech G Pro X at NokiaMA Headset Design, Amazon, Best Buy, or Logitech’s Store.)

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