Landline Phone With Bluetooth Headset

If you landed here, you may be struggling to find a wireless headset for your cordless phone from a number of brands like Vtech, AT&T, Uniden, Motorola and others.

You may be asking why it’s so hard to find a solution. It’s not as simple as buying a Bluetooth headset and pairing it up to your cordless phone, like you would to a mobile phone.

Why you ask?

Because most cordless phones don’t have Bluetooth, and the ones that do have Bluetooth usually don’t work so well with a Bluetooth headset.

Customers state the call quality is less than ideal, and often they deal with calls cutting in and out. Although you’d be hands free, no matter how cheap a headset is, it would defeat the purpose of getting a headset that doesn’t sound or work good.

In the past the need for a wireless headset for a cordless phone was more relevant so there was more options. Today that’s not the case, so many of the prior models have been discontinued and are no longer being made.

That’s the bad news. The good news is there’s still a few options available for you to consider!

Wireless Phone Headset Option 1

Plantronics CS540 + wireless phone headset adapter

wireless phone headset bundle image 1

This bundle is best for those of you who want a wearing style that can be worn as an earpiece or a headband. You can switch between the two.

Check out the full review at the video below.

Wireless Phone Headset Option 2

Plantronics CS520 + wireless phone headset adapter

wireless phone headset bundle 2

If you prefer a headset that covers both of your ears, then the Plantronics CS520 is the way to go, and will give you up to 12 hours of battery talk time. Whereas the CS540 only gives you about 6-7 hours of battery.

Check out the full review at the video below.

Setup is quick and easy!

Check out the image below to reference how your headset would be setup. In the box will be a splitter to your phone line wall outlet. From there, both your cordless phone and wireless headset charging base will connect to the splitter.

At that point, you’ll be able to use your cordless phone or wireless headset. When using the cordless phone headset, you’ll be hands free and wire free like you want!

wireless phone headset setup image

How to use your cordless phone headset

To place a call

  1. Turn your cordless phone on and dial like normal.
  2. Press the call control button on your headset.
  3. Turn off your cordless phone so you don’t get an echo and bad sound quality.

To receive a call

  1. When there’s an incoming call, press the headset button on your wireless headset (you can answer/end calls away from your phone up to 350 feet).
  2. Adjust your volumes as needed on your headset.
  3. to accept a new call, press the headset button to hang up the current call and press the same button to answer the second call.

Wireless Phone Headset FAQ

Q: Will either model connect with a cordless vtech phone?

A: Yes, both bundles are designed to connect with a cordless phone.

Q: Can you answer/end calls away from the desk from the headset?

A: Yes.

Q: Can you put calls on hold from the headset?

A: No, but you can mute/unmute the microphone to accomplish the same goal. Placing calls on hold would need to be done from your cordless phone.

Q: Can you connect to a hard wired phone?

A: Yes.

Q: Can you connect either wireless phone headset to a cell phone?

A: No. Neither of these setups are Bluetooth and will not connect with a cell phone. Both headsets operate on DECT 6.0. Reference this article to know the difference between the two.

Q: Can you connect either headset to a computer?

A: No.

Q: Will this work with a VOIP cordless phone system?

A: Unfortunately not. This setup works ONLY with an analog cordless phone. If you’re not sure if you have VOIP or analog, check with your phone system provider to verify.

Q: Does this work with a 2 line phone

A: You can, but keep in mind you’ll need to decide which of the 2 lines you’ll want to use.

Q: Can I use this headset system with a multi line phone system?

A: No. Both setups aren’t made for a multi line telephone.

Q: Will this affect my answering machine?

A: No. Neither headset will affect your answering machine. If the call isn’t answering it will be sent to voicemail.

Q: Can I switch between calls when using the headset?

A: When you’re on a call and receive a second incoming call, the call control button on your headset will end the first call, but won’t transfer to the second call.

Q: Will this affect my voicemail?

A: No.

Important note

This setup WILL NOT work with a VOIP, PBX or Digital phone system. This setup is designed only to work with a single line analog telephone system.

Troubleshooting tips

Static or buzzing

Start by moving the headset charging base away from the cordless phone base. If that doesn’t help, do a full reset by unplugging the AC power, removing the battery and waiting 10 seconds. After 10 seconds replug both back in.

Battery is no longer holding a charge

On average you can expect to use your battery for 2 years before needing to replace it. If the battery hasn’t been replaced, start there.


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