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If you’re a proud owner of Jabra headphones, you already know their outstanding quality. However, like any other device, sometimes you might encounter minor issues. One of the most common complaints is that Jabra headphones can be too quiet. But worry not, as we’re here to help you resolve this problem and enjoy your Jabra headphones to the fullest.

Why Are Your Jabra Headphones So Quiet?

The main culprit behind the low volume on your Jabra headphones is often the audio limiter on your device. However, connection issues between your headphones and audio player can also contribute to the problem. Now, let’s delve deeper into these reasons and explore the solutions. We’ll cover both wired and wireless Jabra headphones.

Headphones Not Turned Up

Sometimes, the solution is right before our eyes, yet we overlook it. Most Jabra headphones have a volume dial, and if it’s turned all the way down, the headphones will naturally be quiet. So, the first thing you should do is switch that dial up. You’ll be surprised how often this straightforward adjustment resolves the issue for the majority of Jabra headphone owners.

Volume Limiter on Your Audio Device

On Android devices, a volume limiter might be in place, preventing you from cranking up the volume beyond 75%. However, the fix is quick and simple. Just increase the volume on your device until you reach the audio limit. You’ll receive a confirmation message, and once you agree, you’ll be able to enjoy the maximum volume of 100%. Keep in mind that you may need to re-confirm the removal of the audio limiter periodically. Remember, the limiter is there to protect your hearing.

Problem with the Wires on Your Headphones

For those using wired headphones, it’s not uncommon to encounter wire-related issues. Over time, wires can get damaged due to bending and twisting. However, this is another problem that is usually easy to fix. With most Jabra headphones, you can simply replace the headphone cable with a standard 3.5mm male-to-male audio cable. Invest in a quality cable to improve sound quality and ensure durability.

Problem with the Bluetooth Connection on Wireless Jabra Headphones

If you’re using wireless Jabra headphones, they connect to your audio device via Bluetooth technology, which offers excellent audio transmission. However, Bluetooth isn’t without its challenges, and they can sometimes result in lower sound levels. Let’s explore the two common issues and their solutions.


One frequent reason for wireless Jabra headphones sounding quieter than they should is interference. Make sure your headphones are within a meter or two of your audio device, as moving further away can cause a noticeable drop-off in sound levels. Additionally, nearby metal objects can interfere with the Bluetooth signal, resulting in lower volume.

Factory Reset

Periodically, it’s necessary to reset your wireless Jabra headphones to resolve software issues. The exact reset procedure depends on your headphone model, so consult the manual for instructions. In most cases, holding the power button for approximately 20 seconds will initiate the reset. Afterward, you’ll need to pair your headphones with your audio device again.

Wireless Jabra Headphones Have Lost Their Charge

If your Jabra headphones’ battery is almost drained, you might notice a decrease in sound levels. Luckily, resolving this issue is a breeze. Simply connect your headphones to a charger, and once they’re fully charged, your audio experience will be back to its best. Keep in mind that as your headphones age, the battery life will naturally shorten, so regular charging is essential.

Dirty Headphones

This is more common with earbuds, but some users have noticed that headphones can also accumulate dirt, affecting sound output. If your headphones are dirty, they may limit the sound that can come out of them, resulting in lower volume. Regularly giving your headphones a quick brush down or using tissue paper can work wonders. Avoid using water and opt for a soft brush to preserve the quality of your headphones.

Other Issues

If you’ve exhausted all the troubleshooting options and your headphones still don’t deliver the desired volume, it might be time to reach out to Jabra, especially if your headphones are still under warranty. Their support team may be able to provide further assistance.


If your Jabra headphones seem unusually quiet, don’t worry. Most volume-related problems have simple solutions. It might involve adjusting volume settings, replacing cables, repairing Bluetooth connections, or charging your headphones. Remember, the occasional cleaning and maintenance routine also go a long way. Enjoy your enhanced audio experience with Jabra headphones!

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