Jabra Headset Not Working With Teams

Teams[German]A short note for administrators and users who use the Jabra Engage 75 headsets in a corporate environment. There are currently massive problems in connection with Microsoft Teams. The headsets crash as soon as Microsoft Teams calls arrive. However, it looks like there is a workaround. I’m compiling the information I received via a Facebook group – maybe someone else is affected.

Jabra Engage 75 Headset

This product from vendor Jabra is a wireless noise-canceling headset for desk phones and softphones. The Jabra Engage 75 On-Ear Dect Stereo Headset is offered by the manufacturer for just under 500 Euros.

Jabra Engage 75 Headset

However, I have already seen the set in stores for just under 300 Euros. The bottom line is that it is a product that is more likely to be used in a corporate environment.

Issues with Microsoft Teams

I was just made aware of a problem with the Jabra Engage 75 headset in conjunction with Microsoft Teams in a Facebook IT group. I’ll leave out names here because it’s a closed group – but the thread creator notified me directly and provided some more information for the post. In the group he describes the following problem:

Hi all, are any of you using Jabra (Engage 75) headsets in combination with Microsoft Teams? Since a few days company wide the headsets restart when an incoming call arrives via Teams (firmware + Jabra Direct) is up to date.

When I asked, the poster told me that the base station firmware is at version 5.7.2. The headset has firmware version 5.7.0 and is using Microsoft Teams version (64-bit) on Windows 10 22H2 Pro or Enterprise. Furthermore, the person in question states that he has already tried a firmware downgrade and an uninstallation of Jabra Direct, both didn’t help.

Of course, it could be an isolated problem. But in the group in question, several other IT service providers have come forward and confirmed the problem. Here are a few voices:

User A: Yes, I also have massive problems with the thing after the last firmware update. Calls can’t be answered, teams don’t work at all anymore etc. So far no solution found.

User B: Ditto, here too. Happens to my knowledge but only if Jabra is installed directly on the PC.

User C: Even if the device is only connected to a phone, we can no longer accept calls directly on the headset since the update.

User D: I have the same problem in my home office.

So it’s not a singular problem with one user, but seems to affect some people and is related to one of the recent updates.

A workaround

Then in the group another user got in touch and wrote: “the setting from the screenshot should workaround”. According to the screenshot, the option Audio device should be selected on the SOFTPHONE (PC) tab.

The thread creator then also confirmed that this workaround helped. Another poster pointed out the reason for the misery:

They checked Autoupdate during the last update. Now they also do firmware updates during the meeting. Have now uninstalled the software. Partially, the headsets also hung up, so you had to manually install the firmware update.

This probably refers to the update of the Jabra firmware. Perhaps this will help others affected – my thanks to the thread creator for pointing out the issue. Anyone else affected?

Addendum: The issue has been fixed for Engage 75 headsets with a firmware update – see Firmware update fixes Jabra (e.g. Engage 75) headsets issues with MS Teams (Dec. 15, 2022).

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