Is Valve Making A New Vr Headset

The Valve Index has already proven itself to be one of the top VR headsets available. However, the question that everyone wants to know is whether Valve is working on its successor, the Valve Index 2. While concrete information about a new headset from Valve is currently scarce, there are rumors circulating that suggest we may hear more about it in 2023, especially with the release of other potential headsets like the Meta Quest Pro. In this article, we will delve into the latest leaks, rumors, and news surrounding the possible Valve Index 2.

Speculating the Release Date

Although a Valve Index 2 seems to be the natural next step for the popular VR headset, it’s important to note that nothing has been confirmed yet, similar to the PS5 Pro or Xbox Elite Series 3 controller. At this stage, all we can do is speculate and keep an eye out for any clues that may point us in the right direction. To gain some insight, we can look at the release pattern of the previous Valve Index. However, given the recent focus on the Steam Deck, it’s unlikely that a new headset will be released just yet. Even if we do get an announcement this year, the Valve Index 2 will face tough competition for the spotlight, especially with the anticipated release of the PSVR 2 in early 2023. So, stay tuned for updates as we keep a close ear to the ground for any rumblings about what could be an exceptional addition to the VR space.

Interestingly, Valve has recently acquired a patent for a VR controller. Although the patent does not explicitly mention its connection to the Valve Index 2, the controller has been the subject of rumors for a long time. Could this possibly be a hint at what’s to come?

Price Predictions for the Valve Index 2

Considering the pricing structure of the original Valve Index, which retailed at £919/$999, it’s reasonable to assume that the Index 2 will likely maintain a high-end price point. This seems particularly fitting, especially given the expected competition from new premium VR headsets like the Meta Quest Pro and Apple’s AR Headset.

Speculating Specs and Features

While detailed information about the specifications of the Index 2 is currently scarce, there are a few sources that provide some insight into what we can expect.


According to rumors and leaks shared by analyst Brad Lynch, the Valve Index 2 may feature 4K Micro OLED displays with a wide field of view (FOV), which would be quite impressive and make the Index 2 a powerful device.

Wireless Connectivity

A patent filed in early 2021 suggests that the Index 2 could support wireless connectivity. The headset may potentially come in three iterations: a wireless variant, a standalone version, or a tethered version that connects to a PC. The concept of a more powerful wireless VR headset is relatively unexplored, especially in light of the popularity of the Oculus Quest 2, which is a great standalone headset that can also connect to a PC. If the Index 2 can achieve wireless or standalone functionality, it would be a significant leap forward in VR gaming technology. However, whether this will become a reality remains to be seen.


According to Lynch’s roundup, the Index 2 is expected to have eye tracking and inside-out tracking, courtesy of Arcturus, eliminating the need for any external base stations.

Processing Power

The Valve Index is rumored to be powered by a Qualcomm XR2 for robust tracking capabilities, paired with an AMD APU for graphics processing. It is possible that by the time the Index 2 is released, the next-generation chip from Qualcomm will be available, potentially offering even more power. It’s worth noting that the Meta Quest 3 is also expected to feature Qualcomm’s next-gen chip, unless Valve develops its own silicon.

Audio and Microphone

The Index 2’s audio and microphone setup is expected to be similar to the original Index, featuring off-ear speakers and a built-in microphone for convenience.

Development Codename

YouTuber Brad Lynch has hinted at the Index 2’s development codename, allegedly called “Valve Deckard.” Additionally, public SteamVR files mention a potential “Prism” function and a wireless connectivity feature similar to Oculus Air Link, possibly utilizing WiFi 6E.

Anticipating More Updates

As of now, it appears that we may not receive any official information about the Valve Index 2 for some time, except for occasional rumors. Valve’s current focus is on the release of the Steam Deck. Once that settles, we could gain a better understanding of the brand’s next major venture, possibly being the Valve Index 2. Rest assured, we will keep you informed as more information becomes available.

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