How To Connect Xbox Wireless Headset

Are you tired of dealing with wires while gaming? Look no further! In this article, we will explore the best methods for connecting your Bluetooth headphones to your Xbox One. Even though the Xbox One doesn’t have built-in support for Bluetooth, there are still several ways to enjoy your favorite headphones with your console. So, let’s dive in and discover how!

How to Connect Compatible Xbox One Wireless Headsets

Although Xbox doesn’t offer native support for Bluetooth audio, they have collaborated with different manufacturers to create Xbox-compatible wireless headsets. These headsets use the Xbox Wireless protocol, which may be unfamiliar to first-time users. To help you out, we’ve outlined the steps to properly connect compatible wireless headphones to your Xbox One.

  1. Turn on pairing mode on your headphones.
    Turn headphones to pairing mode

  2. Turn on your console by pressing the console’s Power Button.
    Turn on Xbox console

  3. Locate the Pairing Button on your console.
    Locate the Pairing Button

  4. Enable pairing by pressing the Pairing Button on your console until its LED light blinks. This indicates readiness.
    Enable pairing

  5. Go back to your wireless headset and search for the Connect Button. Press and hold this button and wait for the LED to start flashing rapidly. It means the device is ready to pair.
    Press and hold the Bluetooth Connect button

  6. Allow a few seconds for the LED lights on both devices to steady. The console will then flash a “Headset Assigned” note, and the headset will emit a tone. Congratulations! If the devices are paired successfully, you will start hearing the game audio.
    The console will then flash a "Headset Assigned" note.

Connecting compatible headphones is a breeze, but what if your headphones are non-compatible? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. The following sections will guide you through the steps necessary to establish a wireless connection via Bluetooth.

How to Connect Non-Compatible Bluetooth Headphones to Xbox One

It may be disappointing to learn that Xbox doesn’t support Bluetooth headphones out of the box. However, with a little ingenuity and the right tools, you can still connect your non-compatible headphones to your Xbox One. Let’s explore the different methods:

  • Use Bluetooth transmitters: Bluetooth transmitters are an excellent solution for overcoming Xbox One’s Bluetooth restriction. These devices allow you to use your Bluetooth headphones with the console. Here’s how to connect a wireless headset to Xbox One using a USB Bluetooth transmitter:

    1. Switch on the Bluetooth transmitter by pressing the Power Button for about 3 seconds or until you see flashing Blue or Red LEDs (depending on the transmitter). Refer to the product manual for specific instructions.
      Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Xbox Bluetooth transmitter

    2. Plug the transmitter into the 3.5mm port of your Xbox controller.

    3. Power on your headphones and initiate pairing mode. Note that different headphones may have varying pairing instructions, so consult the user guide for details.

    4. Pair the transmitter to your headphones by pressing the Multifunction Button on your Bluetooth transmitter for 5 seconds to put the dongle into pairing mode.

    5. For a faster connection, bring your headphones close to the transmitter and wait until you see a steady blue light on the dongle.

    6. Once the connection is established, you can enjoy your game audio wirelessly!

  • Utilize a PC connection: If you prefer not to spend extra money on an adapter, you can connect your headset to your Xbox One via a Windows PC or Mac. The steps differ depending on your device:

    • For Windows PC: Follow these three conditions for a successful connection:

      • Both devices need to be on the same network (preferably an ethernet connection for streaming).
      • Use the Xbox Console Companion app.
      • Your PC needs to have Bluetooth support.

      Here’s how to connect your headset to your Xbox One via a Windows PC without using an adapter:

      1. Access the Xbox Console Companion app by creating a new Microsoft account or signing into an existing one.
        Access Xbox Console Companion

      2. Enable the Xbox One app on your PC by clicking the Connection icon located near the bottom of the Xbox app’s sidebar menu.
        Click the Connection icon

      3. In the Connect to your Xbox One window, click on the Add a device icon in the top-right.
        Add a Device window

      4. Windows will automatically search for your Xbox One console. Once the console is detected, click the Connect button.
        Click the Connect button

      5. If the search takes too long, you can manually input your Xbox’s IP address and press Connect.

      6. If you’re having trouble connecting, navigate to your Xbox settings, choose Devices & Streaming, and go to Device connections. Enable Allow Play To streaming, Allow game streaming to other devices, and Only from profiles signed in on this Xbox. Then check if your Xbox is listed in the Connections tab.

      Once connected, you’ll have full control of your Xbox functions through your PC.

    • For Mac: Mac users can use the OneCast app to connect their Bluetooth headphones to Xbox One. This app allows you to stream Xbox One games on your Mac and listen to in-game audio through your Bluetooth headphones while connected to your Mac.

      Here’s how to connect your Bluetooth headphones to Xbox One via your Mac using the OneCast app:

      1. Download OneCast and fully install it by clicking on the DMG folder.
        Downloading OneCast for Mac

      2. Drag the OneCast app to your Applications folder.
        Drag-and-drop the OneCast app

      3. With your Xbox turned on, launch the OneCast app by clicking on the app icon. The app should automatically detect your Xbox and prompt you to log in with your Microsoft username and password.
        Launch the OneCast app by clicking on it

      4. Once OneCast is connected to your Xbox, connect your headphones to your Mac.

  • Connect via TV: You can also use your TV as a bridge between your Bluetooth headphones and Xbox One. Follow the same steps as the Xbox-PC method, connecting the Xbox to the TV first and then connecting the Bluetooth headphones to the TV. If you need guidance, check out our guide on how to connect wireless headphones to TV. Additionally, if your TV doesn’t naturally support Bluetooth, you can use Bluetooth audio transmitters for TV.

  • Use the Xbox Mobile App: If none of the above methods suit your preference, you can use the Xbox One mobile app to connect your Bluetooth headset. Here’s how:

    1. Connect your Bluetooth headset to your mobile phone.
      Bluetooth Headset connected to phone

    2. Open the Xbox One app and click on the social icon, which is the icon with two people.
      Social icon

    3. Click on the headset icon to start a party.
      Click on the headset icon

    4. Accept the necessary permissions.

    5. This will open the party chat screen, where you can start inviting your teammates.
      Use the party chat

Recommended Adapters for Wireless Headphones in Xbox One

If your device lacks the utilities to establish a flawless connection between Bluetooth headphones and Xbox One, you may need the help of third-party Bluetooth-enabling accessories. Here are some highly-recommended options:

  • Skull & Co. AudioBox: This Bluetooth transmitter is compatible with all Bluetooth headsets and even allows you to listen to gaming audio with your AirPods. It uses Bluetooth 5.0 and supports high-fidelity, low-latency codecs like aptX-LL and LDAC. The Skull & Co. Bluetooth transmitter also features built-in mic support, consumes less than 1W of battery power, and connects directly through your controller.
    Close look at Skull & Co. AudioBox
    Check latest price on Amazon

  • Friencity Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter Receiver: This versatile transmitter not only connects your Bluetooth headphones to your Xbox but also acts as a receiver, allowing you to receive audio from various devices. It supports dual streaming, enabling you and a friend to listen to the same audio while gaming. It has an “always-on” feature and auto-reconnects to the last paired device, ensuring uninterrupted gameplay.
    Close look at Friencity Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter Receiver
    Check latest price on Amazon

  • SCOSCHE BTT-SP FlyTunes: This universal Bluetooth transmitter is compatible with Xbox and other devices. It features Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity and boasts an impressive standby time of 180 hours. The SCOSCHE Bluetooth transmitter has bendable 3.5mm prongs, making it compatible with devices with one or two AUX ports.
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Now you know that you don’t need Microsoft’s wireless headsets to enjoy gaming on Xbox One. By following these methods, you can use your existing Bluetooth headphones with your console, saving you the hassle and expense of purchasing new devices. Should you encounter any connection issues, try resetting your Bluetooth headphones, as this often resolves the problem. Let us know in the comments if you have any other tips or fixes to share. Enjoy your wireless gaming experience on Xbox One!


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