How To Connect Corsair Headset To Pc

Corsair has produced a fair few gaming-grade peripherals in its time – and the range of headsets is no exception. The Corsair HS70 comes equipped with plush memory foam ear pads, custom tuned 50mm drivers and, most notably, wireless Bluetooth capability.

Let’s unbox the headset, seeing what’s included and then check out the interesting features and performance characteristics.


Removing the Corsair HS70 headset from their packaging is a hassle-free experience since there are no pre-attached cables let loose to frustratingly tangle around the contents. Focusing on the headset itself, there’s no over-the-top colouring to distract from the stealthy all-black finish. It’s ideally suited for any set-up.

Also included is a detachable boom microphone and a foam microphone filter, helping reduce imperfections in your voice overs like pesky, popping ‘p’ sounds.

Plugging the microphone in and out is a simple process, especially since it only goes in one way. The relevant port, covered by a piece of protective rubber, is located next to the USB-C port on the headset. It’s surrounded by subtle yellow detailing for easy identification.

The boom arm itself is freely adjustable to hone in the optimal placement for recording quality. A detachable microphone is a much-welcomed addition. When not in use, it can be removed for portable efficiency and the headset can be used on public transport without you looking like a try-hard e-sport commentator.

To charge the headset, a USB Type C to USB Type A cable is included. It’s great to see Corsair not only adopt but embrace the reversible, universal standard across their entire range of peripherals and accessories. We’ve recently covered the Corsair K60 RGB Pro gaming keyboard, and the Corsair Katar Pro XT gaming mouse. Of course, if you’d like to fall back to a trustworthy wired connection, a 3.5mm audio cable is thrown in for good measure.


Clamping against your head with a suitable amount of pressure, not too tight or too loose fitting, the memory foam earpads conform to your head shape. They’re plush, with the right amount of material so as not become an overbearing presence. The earpads are densely packed, reassuringly springing back against pressure.

Picking up the headset for the first time, we’re immediately impressed by their weight. Despite the durable metal build, they retain a lightweight profile you’ll hardly notice.

The headband is made from a premium-feeling leatherette. Adjusting the headset is communicated through distinctive ratcheting steps. Imprinted on the exposed metal of the headband are numbered markings so you can clearly identify your ideal position.

With the headset adorned your dome, a selective set of switches is integrated into the earcups themselves for on-the-fly adjustments.

Just behind the microphone is a toggle switch for quickly muting the microphone. It’ll come in handy if you don’t want your teammate hearing sensitive murmurings in the background or irritating construction noises ramping up. There’s also an intuitively placed volume wheel for granular control – no need for alt-tabbing or keyboard shortcuts mid-game.

The battery life provides a different sensation of comfort. Rated at up to 30 hours, you’ll no longer have anxieties lingering in the back of your mind about the battery running out of charge in the middle of a game-changing cutscene.

Even when it eventually does – no worries! The option for a wired connection is always there when the battery runs dry. So sit back, relax and game to your heart’s content.

And, of course, the Bluetooth wireless itself may not be a physical sensation, but having no wires for your gaming chair’s caster wheels to get caught in-between, or for devious pets to chew through alleviates any external worries, for maximum in-game immersion.


The wireless Bluetooth and wired connection mean you can connect to a games console or gaming PC over a wired connection, and use the Bluetooth functionality to wirelessly connect to another external device (such as your smartphone to access voice chat apps, music or phone calls at the same time).

Some consoles, like the Nintendo Switch, don’t officially support Bluetooth headsets, so this is a nifty workaround to chat and game simultaneously.

Holding down the power button, a light will start to flash blue. This indicates the headset is ready for pairing. Navigate to the Bluetooth settings on the device of your choice and make sure Bluetooth is enabled. Keep holding it down until it starts flashing red and blue, at which point you can release the button. Navigate your device to find the ‘HS70 Bluetooth headset’ in the Bluetooth devices list. Simply tap on it and you’re connected!

Audio quality

A word of warning – this headset goes quite loud. When paired up, your device’s volume may be cranked to max, but the volume wheel on the headset itself may not be. Don’t turn up both too quickly. Powered by custom-tuned 50mm drivers it sounds fantastic, though.

Being a gaming headset, it favours a bass-heavy profile to amplify the deep, resonating qualities of in-game explosions booming across the battlefield. However, for a gaming headset, the vocals and mid-range remains relatively clear.

It’s also fully compatible with Windows Sonic, for a 360-degree audio experience placing you right in the centre of the action.

The headset is certified by everybody’s favourite gaming communication software, Discord. Essentially, it’s a ‘good to go’ seal of approval from Discord themselves, based on their own stringent set of testing procedures. It ensures this headset’s fully compatible with the software and won’t throw up any awkward pairing problems.

The microphone also stands up to their quality control, so your teammate will be able to hear every last piece of crucial game-changing information clearly.


When we say this headset is comfortable, we’re not just talking about the plush memory foam earpads. We also mean the freedom associated with a wireless, cable-free experience, the lack of charging anxiety with up to 30 hours battery life and being able to detach the noise-cancelling microphone. Fine tune your experience for optimal comfort.

Check them out, over at Ebuyer: Corsair HS70 Bluetooth gaming headset

If you’re looking for a permanently wired counterpart, we’ve previously covered the Corsair HS60 haptic gaming headset. It’s practically these HS70s, but wired, with some nifty haptic feedback built into the earcups for a surreal sensation.

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