How To Connect Bluetooth Headset

Before you start

  • To connect Bluetooth headphones to laptop / desktop computer, ensure laptop / desktop has a Bluetooth hardware module. Some laptop / desktop might not come with this hardware. Check the manual of your laptop / desktop on the availability of the Bluetooth module.
  • If your laptop / desktop does not come with a Bluetooth module, an external Bluetooth module adapter can be purchased to help you enable Bluetooth function on your laptop / desktop.
  • Make sure your computer supports the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) Bluetooth profile.
  • The drivers needed to connect your device to a computer are already included in the operating system.
  • Place your device within one meter of the computer / device.
  • Ensure your Bluetooth headphones is not connected to a previously paired device. The headphones can automatically connect with a previously paired device if Bluetooth is enabled and both devices are placed near each other. In this case, deactivate the Bluetooth function on the previously paired device or turn off the power to disconnect first.
  • Using your Bluetooth audio device for music playback or calls via USB is not possible.
  • Update your Bluetooth audio device to the latest firmware. If you’re looking for the firmware of your bluetooth audio device, please go to the Firmware & Software section of your model support page. If there is no firmware update under the Firmware & Software section, it just means that Sony is currently not offering a newer firmware.

    Example for WF-1000XM3

Pairing steps

To connect your Bluetooth device to your computer, check out the following video from the Sony Bluetooth Series to learn how to connect your Bluetooth audio device to a Windows or Mac computer.

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Follow the 2 steps to pair with the headphones:

Step 1. Enter the headphones into pairing mode

WF-1000XM5 WF-1000XM4 WF-1000XM3

WH-1000XM5 / WH-1000XM4 / WH-1000XM3 or in-ear headphones

Follow this procedure for a headband (WH-1000XM5 / WH-1000XM4 / WH-1000XM3) or in-ear headphones. For more details, refer to the Help Guide. Manuals are posted on your model support page.

  • When you pair the headphones with a device for the first time or after initializing, the headphones automatically enter the pairing mode when you remove them from the charging case. If you put on the headphones, you will hear a notification sound and the voice guidance saying Bluetooth pairing from the left unit.
  • To pair the headphones with a second device:
    1. Press and hold the Power button for at least 7 seconds.
    2. The indicator flashes and you will hear the voice guidance saying Bluetooth pairing.


  • If the pairing is not finished within 5 minutes, the pairing mode on the headphones is canceled. If this happens, place the headphones into the charging case again and start the operation from the beginning.
  • Ensure your device is not already connected to its last-connected Bluetooth device. Bluetooth devices can automatically connect with previously paired devices if Bluetooth is enabled and both devices are placed near each other.

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