Heyday On Ear Wireless Headset

In a surprising move, retail giant Target has launched its new line of electronics accessories under the brand name Heyday. Alongside iPhone cases, cables, Apple Watch bands, and screen-protecting bumpers, Target has introduced a range of portable audio products, including Bluetooth speakers and headphones. Among these, the Heyday On Ear Wireless Headset stands out as an intriguing option, priced at a modest $60.

Not Just Another On-Ear Headset

Despite its name, the Heyday On Ear Wireless Headset is not your typical on-ear headphones, and that’s a good thing. These headphones are designed to be over-ear, which provides a more comfortable and immersive listening experience. While the labeling may be confusing, we’ll stick with the headset’s given name until Target clarifies it.

Design and Comfort

The Heyday On Ear Wireless Headset boasts a sturdy build, yet remains lightweight at just 8.3 ounces (236 grams). The earcups are beautifully padded, ensuring a comfortable fit. The headset also features a clean and stylish look, with the added benefit of being foldable for easy storage. However, it’s worth noting that there is no accompanying carrying case. Some users have reported minor discomfort caused by the headband’s pressure on the top of their heads. However, this can be resolved by slightly adjusting the headphones, although it may compromise the snugness of the fit.

Attention to Detail

The Heyday designers made a smart choice by keeping the branding discreet. You’ll notice a small Heyday brand label stamped on a tiny plate at the base of the headband on both sides. These headphones are available in three color options: tan and gold, gray and gold, or black print and gold.

User-Friendly Controls

Operating the Heyday On Ear Wireless Headset is a breeze. The controls are simple and intuitive, consisting of a power button and a set of small volume control buttons. Pairing and re-pairing the headset with devices such as the iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is effortless. The power button also functions as a play/pause button for music and can answer or end calls. For track navigation, hold down the volume-up button to skip forward and the volume-down button to go back.

Sound Quality

At its price point, the Heyday On Ear Wireless Headset delivers a well-balanced sound overall. Unlike other headphones that emphasize heavy bass, these headphones offer a more neutral bass response. While not incredibly crisp or articulate (given their $60 price), the treble’s presence boost adds detail and a touch of sparkle to the audio. The sound quality is pleasant, and you’d be surprised to learn that fellow editor Ty Pendlebury mistook these headphones for a higher-priced model. Target representatives have confirmed that the Heyday On Ear Wireless Headset was designed from the ground up by their engineers.

Versatile Functionality

Apart from their audio performance, the Heyday On Ear Wireless Headset also serves as a reliable headset for making calls. Callers had no complaints, and the headset provides clear audio for both parties involved. Additionally, the headset offers a decent battery life of 20 hours of music playback at moderate levels. And for those times when you prefer a wired connection, the package includes a cord.

A Comfortable and Affordable Option

While these headphones might not be suitable for the gym, they are highly recommended for individuals working in open-office environments. Providing decent sound quality and a comfortable fit, the Heyday On Ear Wireless Headset is an affordable choice for those seeking an enjoyable audio experience without breaking the bank. It’s encouraging to see budget models like this and the Tribit XFree Tune delivering sound quality that rivals more premium options. Although the Heyday headset could benefit from a more comfortable headband design, it’s a step in the right direction for budget-friendly headphones.

The control buttons and microphone.
The Heyday brand label is very understated.

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