Bluetooth Headset With Long Range

Choosing the best long range wireless headset for your business depends what devices you need connectivity to.

For anyone connecting to a desk phone or computer with the longest range, you’ll want a headset that operates on DECT technology, not Bluetooth.

Bluetooth headsets are typically best made for cell phones.

Both technologies are wireless but have different advantages and disadvantages.

DECT wireless headsets will always give you the longest range compared to a Bluetooth model.

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That being said, the next question you want to ask yourself is what wearing style do you prefer? Some prefer a headband option whereas others prefer an earpiece.

From our experience of working with headsets for almost 3 decades, we’ve had the chance to test just about every long range wireless headset you can think of.

What we found is no matter the headset manufacture, just about every DECT wireless headset model provides around the same headset range (some claim 590 feet, others 350 etc..).

In a typical office setting you will get about 180 feet. In an open office setting, you can expect maybe double that. The more barriers you go through the less range you will get.

Bluetooth Headsets vs RF Headsets

What is an RF headset (AKA DECT)?

RF stands for radio frequency. These type of headsets use an antenna then an electromagnetic field is generated that can be used for communications.

What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a technology that allows different types of equipment from various manufactures to enable communications without the use of wires. In the mobile phone market Bluetooth headsets are common to connect with a mobile phone and give you hands free wireless freedom.

With Bluetooth there’s different classes that provide different range.

  • Class 1 about 300 feet
  • Class 2 about 33 feet (most common)
  • Class 3 about 3 feet

Whether you choose an RF or Bluetooth headset both are safe when it comes to any sort of radiation. Both technologies use radio signals 1000 times weaker than standard wireless technologies.

That being said although both are safe, RF headsets that operate one DECT will be more secure when it comes to anyone trying to eavesdrop on your phone calls as the signal is separate to most other devices and the signal is constantly changing.

Best Long Range Bluetooth Headsets

Based on your wearing style preference, these will be the longest range professional headsets to consider If you’re wanting to be mobile. Either model will give you about 100 feet of range.

Plantronics Voyager 4220 UC

Voyager 4220 uc


– Dual speakers make it ideal for zoning in on calls and reducing background noise

– Great sound quality

– Noise canceling microphone reduces wind and background noise

– Connects with computer and mobile phone


– Non replaceable battery

Plantronics Voyager 4210 UC

voyager 4210 uc


– Single speaker keeps one ear open to hear others

– Great sound quality

– Noise canceling microphone reduces wind and background noise

– Connects with computer and mobile phone


– Non replaceable battery

Plantronics Voyager 5200 UC

voyager 5200 uc


– Lightweight earpiece

– Great sound quality

– Noise canceling microphone reduces wind and background noise

– Connects with computer and mobile phone


– Non replaceable battery

Best Long Range Wireless Headsets For Desk Phone

Discover Adapt 30

The Adapt 30 is the most flexible headset available for a desk phone and has a long range rated up to 350 feet. Both a single and dual speaker option come included. Meaning, if you like the over-the-head wearing option but only like one ear covered you can use that. Say in the future, now your office grows and noise becomes a problem, you can then simply snap on the dual speakers and zone in on calls without having to go out and buy a new headset.

Discover D904

Like the Adapt 30, the Discover D904 is also a long range wireless headset rated up to 350 feet and will connect with your corded desk phone or computer. The D904 also has a convertible wearing style, so if you don’t like a headband option, you simply snap on the ear hook and there’s no more headband to mess up your hair.


Choosing the best long range wireless headset depends on your wearing style preference and connectivity needs. If you’re in a unique situation and need extra long wireless range more than 350 feet then you may need to look into a different solution like a long range cordless handset.

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