Best Wireless Headset For Microsoft Teams

Jabra Evolve2 75 MS Teams *USB-A* Black with Charging Stand

Charging Stand

Essential Info

Launch Date October 2021

Stock expected late November 2021

The Evolve2 75 series has ACTIVE noise canceling earcups and a discrete foldaway microphone boom. It connects to Laptop/PC via Bluetooth USB dongle (USB-A or C, depending on the variant) and to mobile via Bluetooth (or desk phone if your phone can connect via BT or USB-A to headsets). It’s available with or without the charge stand.

This model is stereo (2 ear cushion) version. it has the standard/larger size USB dongle to create a firm, longer range connection from laptop to headset without using the bluetooth of your laptop. Please check that your PC/Mac/laptop has a USB-A port free. This variant is certified for use with MS Teams. Find out what that means below and under the Features tab. It comes with a compact charging stand and USB-A cable for charging which you can use to charge and use the headset at the same time.





Certification explanations – MS Teams (-M) vs UC

Teams Certified. Functionality can depend on how you use Teams and the package you have but in general a Teams certified headset will allow you some shortcuts into Teams and its functions and potentially some Teams alert notifications. If you don’t use it with Teams, it will work as a UC headset with 99.9% of applications.

UC stands for ‘Unified Communications’ , essentially that just means it’s not certifed for Teams but is certified for other things. It will still work with Teams, giving you audio, you just won’t get those shortcuts or notifications) and, like the MS version can be used with other softphones and applications. Standard (or ‘UC’) versions are certified for use with all leading UC platforms and will work with any application regardless. CLICK HERE to see Jabra’s compatibility guide & determine if you can answer calls via the headset with your softphone.

Why does it come with a USB dongle, why not just use Bluetooth on my laptop?

The simple fact is you will get the possible audio, best control & customisation and best range when you use the dongle. Skip the next bit if you’re happy to just trust us on that one!

  • Range – You can go further from your PC if you’re connecting via the dongle. Computer BT range can be as low as only 2-5m.
  • Call Quality – The dongle functions as an audio processor, assuring the best audio experience through wideband audio. If you don’t use the dongle, what you and clients hear just won’t be as clear and natural sounding.
  • Customisation – Using the Jabra Direct app, you can make changes to how your heaset behaves – eg prioritising mobile calls or spoken alerts vs tones
  • Connectivity – The dongle, in conjunction with the Jabra Direct application allows call control (answering a call by pressing a button on the headset) with 95% of softphones. Additionally in some cases you won’t be able to use the headset for music when paired direct to a laptop.

How is the Evolve2 75 different to the Evolve 75 or Evolve2 85?

vs the older Evolve 75; new Evolve2 model; larger ear-cups, superior noise cancellation in microphone and ear-cups, improved sound and more responsive controls with their new chipset inc the latest AAC codecs and an adjustable EQ feature sharpen sound clarity. Also; extended range, a padded headband, foldaway mic boom.

vs the Evolve2 85; the Evolve2 75 has smaller ear-cups and a slightly shorter mic boom. It also has adjustable Active noise cancelling but doesn’t connect via 3.5mm AUX jack (eg to a mobile).

Digging a bit deeper.

Need a bit of peace and quiet in your life? Who doesn’t! Jabra’s Advanced Active Noise Cancellation in the earcups of this Evolve2 75 headset will help you block out the world/train/colleagues/kids. It’s adjustable so you can chose when to let those sounds back in. This technology has been enhanced by clever earcups (Jabra are very excited about this and call it ‘dual-foam technology’). The foam that’s on the outer ring in the ear cups is firmer which adds further noise cancelling and keeps your music to yourself (no-one wants to be THAT person in the office).

When you need to communicate, this headset headset has hearthough – special mics that pick up outside sound and sent it to your ear-cups so you don’t have to take it off to order your coffee!

The microphone boom is smaller and folds away so you can use the headset as headphones. If you want to take a call you can pull down the mic boom or use the built in ear-cup mic. When on a call you can lift the mic boom to mute the call or press the mute button on the mic.

Clients will hear you loud and clear with ‘eight precision-placed microphones and a revolutionary triple chipset powered Jabra algorithm filter out the noise around you’. Indeed the Evolve2 75 meets the rigorous standards of Microsoft’s Open Office requirements.

What you hear is great quality wideband audio whether on calls or music and you can use the Jabra Sound+ app on your mobile to further tailor audio to your preference.

The Evolve2 75 has the very snazzy ‘on-head detection’ – it knows when you take it off and will pause media or mute the call your on. Pop it back on to resume. This can be configured with Jabra apps.

Comfort is always king with headsets. If you don’t want to wear it, all the gadgets and gizmos mean nothing. So there’s a softer inner ring of foam in the ear-cup making comfortable for all day use and the combined ‘dual-foam technology’ gives better ventilation so you don’t get hot and sweaty. The headband is padded with soft leatherette.

Please note the headset can only be worn with the microphone arm on the right side.

The Evolve2 75 will (when used with the USB dongle) allow audio both ways for any PC or Mac application. If you want to check if your softphone has the programming to allow call control (answering by pressing the button on the headset) CLICK HERE to see Jabra’s compatibility guide.

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