Best Wireless Headset For Microsoft Teams 2022

Microsoft Teams has revolutionized the way businesses collaborate and communicate, with over 145 million users relying on this chat-based workspace and video conferencing tool every day. Whether you work from home, manage a team, or operate in an office environment, using Teams can enhance productivity and streamline information flow. However, to truly unlock the platform’s potential, it’s essential to have a high-quality wireless headset that delivers professional audio. Let’s explore everything you need to know about selecting the best wireless headset for Microsoft Teams in 2022.

What Headsets Work With Microsoft Teams?

When it comes to compatibility, all headsets available at Simply Headsets work seamlessly with Microsoft Teams. However, it’s important to note that manufacturers often produce two versions of the same headset: a standard edition and a Teams-certified edition. While they might appear identical to the user, the Teams-certified version boasts specialized firmware and offers enhanced integration with Teams’ functionalities. These certified headsets often feature dedicated Teams buttons, allowing for quick access to essential features like answering calls and accessing voicemails.

Wired or Wireless: Which Is Ideal for Teams Meetings?

The ideal headset ultimately depends on your specific needs and working environment. Both wired and wireless options have their advantages.

Wired Teams Headsets

Wired headsets are perfect for users who primarily work in a fixed office setup and don’t require excessive mobility. They are easy to set up and require minimal long-term maintenance. With no batteries to worry about, you can avoid unexpected power outages during crucial calls. Additionally, top-quality brands ensure impeccable audio performance and eliminate Bluetooth interference. If you’re on a budget or need headsets for multiple staff members, a wired Teams headset might be the ideal choice.

Bluetooth Teams Headsets

Bluetooth headsets offer more flexibility but require a bit more setup than their wired counterparts. Despite the need to charge the battery regularly, the freedom of no wires is a significant advantage. Whether you’re working from home or enjoying the great outdoors, a Bluetooth headset allows you to attend meetings from anywhere. Ensure you choose a model with noise-cancelling capabilities for optimal performance. Technological advancements have bridged the gap in audio quality between wired and wireless headsets. If you prefer the freedom to roam around the office while staying connected, a Bluetooth Teams headset is perfect for you.

So, which is better? If your budget allows it, wireless headsets offer unparalleled convenience. They are particularly beneficial for conference calls, allowing workers to move freely while remaining on the call. To dive deeper into the wired vs. wireless headset comparison, check out our blog post on Simply Headsets.

The Benefits of Owning a Quality Headset for Teams Meetings

Investing in a premium headset designed for Teams meetings brings numerous benefits:

  • Noise-Cancelling: Teams-certified headsets often feature in-built noise-cancelling technology in the microphone, earcups, or both. By eliminating background noise, these headsets improve concentration and reduce the need to raise volume levels excessively.
  • Static and Interference Reduction: With a quality headset, you can bid farewell to frustrating static and interference issues that can distract both you and your clients.
  • Superior Audio Quality: Inbound and outbound audio will be crisp and clear, ensuring effective communication during calls, video conferences, and even casual music listening during breaks.
  • Longevity and Comfort: High-quality headsets are built to last and provide exceptional comfort, even during extended wear. Comfort is key when you’re wearing headsets for hours on end.
  • Professional Look: Looking your best while wearing Teams headsets helps project a professional image and boosts confidence when communicating with clients and colleagues.

The Best Headsets for Microsoft Teams Meetings

When it comes to choosing the perfect headset for Microsoft Teams meetings, Simply Headsets has carefully curated a selection of six top-notch options that offer all the features you need for an outstanding experience. Here are our recommendations:

  1. Jabra Evolve 40 MS
  2. Jabra Evolve2 40 MS
  3. Plantronics Blackwire 8225-M
  4. Jabra Evolve 75 MS
  5. Jabra Evolve2 75 MS
  6. Plantronics Voyager Focus 2 UC-M

Best Wired Teams Headsets:

Jabra Evolve 40 MS: This Teams-certified headset is one of our best sellers at Simply Headsets. It offers a USB connection and a 3.5mm connection for compatibility with mobile phones. The microphone boom seamlessly integrates into the headband, ensuring ease of use. Additionally, the Jabra Evolve 40 MS features comfortable ear cushions, exceptional sound quality, and comes with a protective soft pouch carry case.

Jabra Evolve2 40 MS: This updated version of the Evolve 40 is designed to work with both PC and Mac. It comes in USB A and USB C variants and offers a dedicated Teams launch button. While it doesn’t have active noise cancelling, the earcups provide excellent passive noise-cancelling capabilities. The Evolve2 40 MS also features a busy light on both the front and back, signaling to colleagues that you’re in a call.

Plantronics Blackwire 8225-M: These headsets are perfect for busy and noisy work environments. The active noise cancelling in both the earcups and microphone ensures uninterrupted calls, even in chaotic surroundings. With Teams certification, superior comfort, and quality audio, the Plantronics Blackwire 8225-M is an excellent choice.

Best Wireless Teams Headsets:

Jabra Evolve 75 MS: Designed to help users focus and avoid interruptions, these headsets feature busy lights on both earcups. With active noise cancelling and the freedom to roam, they are ideal for noisy offices or even outdoor calls. The Jabra Evolve 75 MS guarantees premium audio and exceptional comfort, making it an excellent choice for Teams users.

Jabra Evolve2 75 MS: The newer version of the Evolve 75, the Evolve2 75 MS offers larger ear cups, superior Active Noise Cancelling, improved sound quality, and more responsive controls. With an adjustable EQ, extended wireless range, and a foldaway mic boom, this Jabra Evolve2 75 MS is our top pick for the best wireless Teams-certified headset.

Plantronics Voyager Focus 2 UC-M: These versatile headsets work seamlessly with both PCs/Laptops and mobile phones, providing freedom and flexibility for workers on the move. They offer Teams certification, all-day comfort, and a built-in noise-cancelling microphone, ensuring clear communication even in busy environments.

Explore Our Range of Microsoft Teams Compatible Headsets

At Simply Headsets, we offer a diverse range of headsets that integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Teams. Whether you need headsets for your team or want to enhance your work-from-home experience, we have you covered. Browse our collection of Microsoft Teams Certified Headsets, and you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your needs.

Have any questions? Our headset experts are here to assist you. Give us a call at 1300 889 728, and we’ll be more than happy to help you find the ideal wireless headset for your Microsoft Teams meetings.


What headsets work with Microsoft Teams?

All headsets available at Simply Headsets are compatible with Microsoft Teams. Simply plug them in, and you’re ready to go. For additional Teams functionality, consider a Teams-certified headset, which allows for seamless integration and offers dedicated buttons for launching Teams and answering calls.

What is the best Microsoft Teams headset?

In our opinion, the Jabra Evolve2 75 MS is the best Microsoft Teams headset. It is a premium-quality Teams-certified headset with active noise cancelling, an extended wireless range, and exceptional sound quality.

Why is my headset not working with Microsoft Teams?

If your Microsoft Teams headset is not working, click on the three dots in the Teams meeting and select Device Settings to ensure that your headset is properly connected and recognized by Teams. Additionally, check your computer’s security settings to verify that headset microphone access is enabled under the privacy section.

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