Best Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headset For Truckers

If you are a trucker and searching for a durable and reliable connection of Bluetooth headset. Then you are in the correct place. Here, in this article, we are discussing the top headsets for truckers available on the market. We have considered various key features such as long battery life, comfort, and noise-cancellation technology while listing out the products.

Whether you are looking to make hands-free calls or embarking on a long haul, our detailed “Buying Guide” and the list will help everyone in selecting the ideal Bluetooth headset that makes their life on the road easier and more comfortable.

10 Best Bluetooth Headset for Truckers

Best Bluetooth Headset for TruckersBattery LifeCharging TimeWireless RangeBuy Now Comexion Bluetooth Headset30 hours2 hours33 feetCheck On Amazon Conambo Bluetooth Headset16 hours2 hours33 feetCheck On Amazon Joyhoosh Bluetooth Headset50 hours1.5 hours33 feetCheck On Amazon Sarevile Bluetooth Headset35 hours2 hours33 feetCheck On Amazon BlueParrott Bluetooth Headset24 hoursN/A66 feetCheck On Amazon Plantronics Bluetooth Headset7 hours2 – 3 hours98 feetCheck On Amazon Emotal Bluetooth Headset30 hours1.5 -2 hours33 feetCheck On Amazon LEVN Bluetooth Headset60 hours2 hours49 feetCheck On Amazon Blue Tiger Bluetooth Headset60 hoursN/A100 feetCheck On Amazon BlueParrott S450 Bluetooth Headset24 hoursN/A300 feetCheck On Amazon

10 Best Bluetooth Headset for Truckers

Here we came up with a list of the top headsets available on the market for truckers. Go through this list of headsets and select the right option that suits your requirement and budget range.

1. Comexion Bluetooth Headset

Comexion Bluetooth HeadsetThe COMEXION BH-M100 trucker Bluetooth headset is a premium option that fulfills your communication requirements by providing exceptional audio clarity. The unique adaptive noise-cancelling chipset technology will eliminate the background noises and improves voice clarity to communicate clearly with others.

The mute option on the microphone will let you control privacy that mutes the voice, while its on-ear design offers a comfortable fit and has a 270° rotatable microphone to use for extended periods on either ear. The Bluetooth (V5.0) technology will offer quick and stable wireless headset with microphone for up to 33 feet, and also it pairs with 2 devices simultaneously.

Its long battery life allows you to use them all day for up to 30 hours of talktime and 400 hours of standby time upon a single quick charge of 1.5 hours. The MFB button on the headset will allow you to take/hang up calls, and adjust the volume. This versatile option is compatible with most Android and iOS Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Overall, this Bluetooth headset is a great option for those who want to invest in a high-quality headset for their personal use, traveling, work, or Zoom/online meetings.

Customer Reviews:

Users praised this value-for-money headset for its comfortable fit, long battery life, and exceptional audio quality. Also, they appreciated the mute microphone, and active noise cancelling technology delivering HD voice clarity for calls at a reasonable price.

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2. Conambo Bluetooth Headset

Conambo Bluetooth HeadsetThe Conambo JBT800 Bluetooth Headset is designed for professionals and truckers who want to experience wireless and hands-free communication. The advanced noise-cancelling technology of the microphone provides crystal clear calls to communicate with others, even in noisy areas. Its A2DP support allows a clear audio quality for music players.

The latest Bluetooth (V5.0) offers a stable and quick transmission and consumes low power that allows you to connect and pair the devices for up to 33 feet. Its 300° rotatable microphone is designed to fit on either ear comfortably. While the on-ear control button is used to control, pair, or adjust the headset settings.

It boasts a long battery life with an HD talktime of 16+ hours and 160 hours of standby time that allows you to use it for a long time up on a quick charge of 2 hours. While its lightweight, on-ear ergonomic design ensures comfort and secure fit, even if worn for extended sessions.

Customer Reviews:

Users are impressed with this Conambo Bluetooth headset for its long battery life, comfortable fit, and impressive noise-cancelling capabilities. Yet some people criticized it for its pairing issues.

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3. Joyhoosh Bluetooth Headset

Joyhoosh Bluetooth HeadsetThe JOYHOOSH G1 Bluetooth Headset is one of the best trucker headsets that offer hands-free communication. The advanced Bluetooth technology (V5.0) provides stable, seamless connectivity and pairing with other Bluetooth devices for a range of 10 meters wirelessly.

The built-in microphone with ENC noise cancellation technology ensures smooth and clear sound by reducing the background noise, while its deep blue color design offers a stylish and sophisticated look making it a perfect option to use, even in noisy areas. It provides a longer battery life of up to 50 hours of playtime, and 6 months of standby time, and it will quickly charge within 3 hours either by its charging case or a USB-C cable.

Its ergonomic design offers a secure and comfortable fit in both ears, allowing you to use it for extended periods. You can use them outdoors or while exercising with their sweat-proof design. The MFB button on the headset will allow you to control or adjust the settings as desired.

Customer Reviews:

Users got impressed by the overall performance (long battery life, ANC feature, and excellent sound quality) of this headset. So, the headset has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from users. Yet some reported that they feel a little bit of discomfort after wearing it for a longer time.

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4. Sarevile Bluetooth Headset

Sarevile Bluetooth HeadsetThe Sarevile Bluetooth headset is a practical and versatile option for truckers seeking a headset for all their communication requirements. The Bluetooth (V5.2) technology of the headset provides a fast and stable connection wirelessly with your phone and other Bluetooth devices for up to 33 feet.

It features a directional microphone with AI noise-canceling technology that delivers clear sound for hands-free superior HD voice calls and music, even in noisy areas/roads. While its mute function lets you mute the voice upon pressing a simple button, which is essential for drivers and office professionals.

The ergonomic on-ear design of this headset will make it fit securely and snugly and allow you to wear them comfortably for long hours. Its one MFB key allows you to control, or adjust the headphone settings along with its pairing with 2 devices at once. With its super long battery life, the headset offers a talk time of up to 35 hours and a playtime of 60 hours up on a single quick charge of 2 hours.

Customer Reviews:

Users praised this Trucker headset for its noise-cancelling capabilities and exceptional sound quality at a reasonable price. Some users are impressed with its ease of use, mute function, long battery life, and comfortable wear. Yet some people complained about PC connectivity issues.

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5. BlueParrott Bluetooth Headset

BlueParrott Bluetooth HeadsetBlueParrott B350-XT 203475 Bluetooth headset is designed with excellent advanced noise cancelling technology and an adjustable microphone to deliver high-quality sound by blocking background noise for a clear hands-free conversation with others, even in highly noisy environments.

Control or adjust the setting with the Parrott button or the Blue Parrott smartphone app. The near field communication (NFC) allows for an easy and fast pairing. Also, its multipoint pairing connects the headset with 2 smartphones or 2 devices (phone + PC) at a time.

With its long battery life, this B350-XT headset provides a talk time of up to 24 hours and a standby time of up to 500 hours, allowing you to wear and use it all day long. It provides stable and strong wireless lossless connectivity for a range of up to 66 feet (20 M), thanks to its Bluetooth (V4.0) technology.

Its lightweight design with comfortable, secure, and snug fit will allow you to wear them for a long time without any discomfort. It has IP54 weatherproof rating to offer protection against moisture and dust.

Customer Reviews:

Most customers have rated this B350-XT 203475 as the best-quality headset for its exceptional sound quality, highly adjustable microphone for a comfortable fit, and advanced ANC technology. Yet some users have reported for being a bit expensive side.

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6. Plantronics Bluetooth Headset

Plantronics Bluetooth HeadsetThe Plantronics by Poly Voyager 5200 wireless headset is a single-ear model with 4 noise-canceling, omnidirectional microphones that deliver crystal-clear audio to communicate with others, even in noisy areas/roads, thanks to its exclusive WindSmart technology.

Its Plantronics Hub mobile app for iOS, Android, Amazon Alexa, and Tile will let you operate or control the headset. Its ergonomic design offers a secure & snug fit and comfortable wear (on either ear), even for extended periods.

This lightweight headset has excellent built quality with durable materials to have all-day comfort. Connect to any Bluetooth-enabled devices wirelessly for up to 98 feet (30 M) range, thanks to its Bluetooth technology (V5.0). Its long battery life offers up to 7 hours of talk time, and standby time of up to 9 days. Its multipoint technology allows you to connect two phones at once.

It takes your hands-free calling to the next level with its caller ID and voice answer, voice controls, and easy access mute button. Also, it comes with a moisture-resistant P2i coating for outdoor use.

Customer Reviews:

Users praised this wireless headset for its comfort, sound quality, and noise-canceling technology that works exceptionally well. Yet some people commented that a bit finicky voice controls & less battery life. But overall, it is a good investment for those seeking a high-quality, wireless communication headset.

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7. Emotal Bluetooth Headset

Emotal Bluetooth HeadsetThe emotal Dual-mic AI noise-canceling Bluetooth headset is designed to deliver the best sound quality and clarity in your calls. Its dual-mic AI noise-canceling technology will block external noise and offer clear communication with others, even in noisy areas.

Its IPX6 waterproof rating will allow you to use the headset in all weather conditions, making it ideal to use outdoors. The one-button touch control will let you control or adjust the setting of the device.

You will get a long battery life of up to 30 hours of HD talk time, and 10 days of standby time on a single charge of 1.5 hours via its USB-C charging. While a quick charge of 10 minutes, it supports a 3-hour playtime.

It is widely compatible with various devices, offering a stable wireless connection of up to 33 feet, thanks to its Bluetooth headset connectivity. Also, you can wear them on either ear comfortably and their ultralight design offers a secure fit that allows you to wear them for a long time without any discomfort. Thus, it is an ideal option for trucking, long drives, and business purposes for hassle-free driving.

Customer Reviews:

The clear call quality, noise cancelling feature, waterproof design, long battery life, and superior sound quality will impress numerous users and has been received positive responses. Yet some users complained about no dual connection that won’t pair with the other devices & no mute option.

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8. LEVN Bluetooth Headset

LEVN Bluetooth HeadsetThe LEVN Bluetooth headset is the best option for truckers, office personnel, or remote workers who seek a comfortable headset for their communication purpose. for office personnel, truckers, and remote workers.

The advanced AI noise cancelling technology will clear all the background noise and allows for a clear audio quality, even in a noisy area. Thanks to its mute button, you can silence the microphone quickly while performing other tasks.

It is designed to be lightweight with an adjustable headband, and soft ear cushions that allow for customizable fit on different head sizes. Thus, you can wear them comfortably even for hours. It offers stable and reliable wireless connectivity of up to 49 feet (15 M) for an easy and quick connection to your device, thanks to its Bluetooth technology (V5.2).

It is equipped with a 400mAh battery that supports up to 60 hours of music time and 35 hours of talk time and quickly charges within 2 hours. Also, it connects 2 devices and lets you easily switch between devices.

Customer Reviews:

The headset with excellent AI noise cancelling technology, battery life, and comfortable wear has impressed its users. While the mute button provides the convenience to attend something else. Yet some users complained about low sound quality.

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9. Blue Tiger Bluetooth Headset

Blue Tiger Bluetooth HeadsetThe Blue Tiger Elite Ultra Headset is designed for office professionals and truckers with a perfect combination of comfort, style, and performance. Its advanced noise cancellation technology will block out external noises and allows you to have clear communication with others, even in noisy environments.

With its Bluetooth (V5.0) technology, you can have quick and stable wireless connections for up to 100 feet and offer dual connectivity to simultaneously pair two devices. It has a long battery life that offers around 60 hours of talk time and 1200 hours of standby time upon a single charge of 3hrs.

Its lightweight and comfortable design with adjustable headband and soft ear cushions offer a custom fit and stylish look that can be worn for a long time. Also, it delivers hi-fi sound quality that lets you hear calls or music effectively.

The rotatable ear cups allow the headset to store them easily while not in use. Its multi-function button (MFB) will allow you to take/reject calls, redial the last call, enable voice assistant, or change language settings. Also, you can find volume buttons, LED indicator, and mute button controls.

Customer Reviews:

Most users have given a positive response to this headset for its high-quality sound for both music and calls, longer battery life, and noise cancellation feature. Yet some reported poor mic quality.

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10. BlueParrott S450 Bluetooth Headset

BlueParrott S450 Bluetooth HeadsetThe BlueParrott S450-XT Bluetooth headset delivers exceptional sound quality and offers a long wireless range of up to 300 feet (100M) for clear communication on the road. Its active noise-cancellation feature will block out the background noises and offer HD voice call quality, even in high-noise environments, thanks to its boom microphone.

This lightweight headset is designed with soft ear cushions and an adjustable headband that make it fit securely and comfortably worn all day to take calls or listen to music (hi-fi stereo sound) without discomfort. Also, it provides a long battery life of around 24-hour talk time along with 500 + hours of standby time.

This voice-controlled headset is compatible with Google Assistant and Siri and also you can customize the features quickly and easily with its button. The stereo design of this headset will make it both functional and look stylish. With its flexible connection, you can connect two devices at a time. It let you connect either wired USB or wireless Bluetooth (V4.0) at your convenience.

Customer Reviews:

The headset has received numerous positive responses from most professional drivers on its long battery life, comfortable fit, and clear sound. Some people reported that it is an indispensable tool for daily communication needs. Yet it is a bit expensive side.

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Buying Guide for the Bluetooth Headset for Trucker

A durable, comfortable, and functional Bluetooth headset is required for truckers who spend long hours on the road. Here is clear information on the key factors that guide you in selecting and purchasing the best option as per your requirement.

Let’s dive into its details…

1. Comfort & Fit

Since the truckers wear the headset for a long time, the first thing they have to check is the comfort of wearing the headset. For this, a lightweight headset with soft, cushioned ear cups, and an adjustable headband is the most preferred option. Also, it offers secure fit and comfortable wear, even if worn for a long time.

2. Noise Cancellation

While driving on the road, it is quite common that they are exposed to loud engine noise and other background sounds. This makes it hard for them to hear or attend the call properly. So, look for headsets with active noise cancellation that enhance the overall call clarity and minimize the background noise or sound disturbances during calls.

3. Durability

The durability of the Bluetooth headset will determine its longevity and reliability. In general, the headset is exposed to wear and tear from long time usage. So, it is essential to look for a headset with a durable build and sturdy construction with a waterproof/water-resistant design, offering enduring performance and last longer.

4. Battery Life

The battery life will determine how long the Bluetooth headset can be used. A headset with longer battery life and can charge quickly is the preferred option. The trucker should use the headset for extended periods without any need to charge them frequently.

5. Microphone

A good-quality inbuilt microphone on the Bluetooth headset will allow you to answer calls effectively. So, it is essential to consider the microphone delivering crisp and clear audio to enhance the overall call quality.

6. Controls

Most Bluetooth headsets have buttons to adjust or control the music (play/pause), calls (answer/hang up), volume (up/down), and activate voice-controlled assistants. In general, a headset with intuitive controls offers a better experience while driving or working.

7. Bluetooth Range

If you are using this headset for other professional purposes, then you need to check out this factor. However, truckers require a wireless connection yet others like office professionals look for Bluetooth range, which might offer at least 10 meters from the connected device. Based on the Bluetooth version, the connectivity range will vary. The latest Bluetooth version (V5.0) will provide better connectivity, support, and range.

Bluetooth Headset For Truckers FAQs


We hope the article provides you with a deep insight into the best headset for truckers. Here are some quick recommendations on different categories that helps you with the selection process.

  • If you looking for the Best Overall, then go with Comexion Bluetooth Headset. It is the best option for truckers or office professionals that deliver excellent sound quality and noise cancellation for clear communication, mute function for privacy, longer battery life, and stable Bluetooth connectivity.
  • If you are looking for the Best Longer Battery and Comfortable Trucker Headset, then choose Blue Tiger Bluetooth Headset It has the latest Bluetooth connectivity, active noise cancelling technology, a mute option, and long battery life of up to 60 hours offering a perfect balance of comfort, style, and performance.
  • If looking for the Best Budget-Friendly Headset, the go with Joyhoosh Bluetooth Headset It is designed to deliver clear audio with its ANC feature, and offer dual charging methods, dual device pairing, and a stable Bluetooth connection.

Do you have any queries regarding the headset for truckers? Then feel free to share it with us in the comments section below. We are happy to hear from you and respond promptly.

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