Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset For Music

A motorcycle helmet Bluetooth headset is one of the best ways to listen to music, stay connected, and remain hands-free while riding your motorcycle.

We used our Bluetooth headsets daily during our long-distance motorcycle trip down the Pan-American Highway.

And our motorcycle communication system headsets made our trip so much easier.

Instead of worrying about cords and connections, your Bluetooth headset automatically connects with your helmet, mobile device, or remote control.

This allows you to speak with your fellow riders, utilize the navigation system, and listen to podcasts, music, or phone calls by using voice commands while riding.

But which motorcycle Bluetooth headset is best for your unique needs?

There are multiple options to choose from, ranging from high-end premium headsets to budget motorcycle Bluetooth headsets which can save you money.

In this article, I will cover the best motorcycle helmet Bluetooth headset picks for your ride!

Best Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Headset Picks

Finding the best motorcycle Bluetooth headset to suit your audio quality, price range, functionality, and feature needs can get overwhelming.

Luckily, I have narrowed it down so you can easily pick the best one for you.

Best Overall: Sena 10S

Although there are multiple Bluetooth headsets on the market, the Sena 10S motorcycle Bluetooth communication system is the best option overall.

The Sena 10S has multiple features, an affordable price, a sleek design profile, lightweight construction, FM radio compatibility, and one connector to ensure that your Bluetooth headset almost never fails.

Plus, this motorcycle Bluetooth headset offers a 1.6-kilometer intercom range featuring high-quality audio.

Lastly, users can easily connect with other headsets and riders using the universal 4.1 connection, making for a great riding experience.

This makes it fast and simple for Sena users to pair with Sena and non-Sena devices alike.


  • Lightweight construction
  • Easy connection
  • Multiple features
  • Features include fm motorcycle Bluetooth headset
  • Advanced noise control technology


  • Bulky clamps
  • Can take some time to get familiar with all of the features

The Sena 10s is our pick for the best Bluetooth motorcycle intercoms.

This motorcycle helmet Bluetooth headset also makes the list of the best motorcycle gifts you can find for the rider in your life.

Best Comfort: Cardo PackTalk Edge

For riders who need a durable and multi-hour option for long cruises with their friends, the Cardo PackTalk Edge Is a strong contender.

We used theCardo PackTalksystem on our long-distance motorcycle journey from North Dakota to Panama.

It was really helpful as we explored many parts of Mexico when we were unfamiliar with the territory.

We even used it during the Iron Butt SaddleSore 1,000-mile ride challenge! It is easy to connect through your mobile phone and attach right to your helmet.

Not only does the Cardo PackTalk Edge have a far-reaching connection possibility, but the mesh connection increases comfort, the Bluetooth is transferable between helmets, and the radius spans 5 miles.


  • 5-mile radius
  • Mesh connection to prevent connection drops
  • Connects with up to 15 riders


  • The BOLD option is bulky (This is why we recommend the Edge)
  • Wind noise

Best Battery Life: Cardo Freecom

If you are out riding all day long with your friends, then you need a motorcycle helmet Bluetooth headset that won’t die in the middle of your trip.

For long battery life and many hours of talk time, we recommend the Cardo Freecom 4x or 2x.

The Freecom has a half-mile battery radius and a Live Intercom feature for a clear connection for added functionality.


  • Long battery life
  • Far-reaching range
  • “Live Intercom” feature


  • The original only connects to one other device (unless you get the 4x)
  • Lacks features

Best Runner-Up: Lexin g16

Our choice for the runner-up Bluetooth headset option is the Lexin g16 motorcycle Bluetooth intercom multi-rider headset.

Not only is this Bluetooth headset inexpensive, but you can still reap the benefits of multiple features, numerous riders, long intercom range connection, and detailed statistics.

We also love the crystal clear sound quality, noise reduction technology, and weather-resistant liner that helps protect against water, dust, and wind, even at high speeds.

You can rest assured this headset will last many years!

Lastly, the Lexin headset features a LED light that is helpful for riding in the dusk or nighttime. Safety and functionality come first with this high-tech headset.


  • LED for nighttime riding
  • 2-hour recharge time
  • Fast music streaming


  • Limited music sharing with non-G10 units
  • Lack of features

Best Premium: Lexin B4FM

Are you looking for a high-end Bluetooth headset that will last multiple years and provide endless features? The Lexin B4FM motorcycle Bluetooth headset is a great choice for you.

This high-quality Bluetooth Intercom uses a 4-way connection, easy-to-press buttons, simple installation, and reliable functionality.

Not to mention plenty of hours of talk time, thanks to the long battery life.

This premium motorcycle Bluetooth headset features a long-range Bluetooth intercom, easy communication with other riders, hands-free music technology, and noise-canceling construction to keep you focused.

Although the buttons can sometimes be hard to press with big riding gloves, the simple design and set-up keep the functionality at an all-time high.


  • Weatherproof
  • Phone Bluetooth compatible
  • 15 hours of battery life, fantastic for long rides


  • Big earpads

Best Durability: Sena 50R

For rough riders needing a durable and long-lasting headset, the Sena 50R is a protective option that will keep you connected for many years.

The Sena 50R Slim choice features “open” and “private” pairing with a connection radius of up to 5 miles.

It is also the best option for connecting with fellow riders when riding with a larger group.

Combining this added connectivity option with new speakers, voice command technology, and firmware, the 50R is one of the top choices for those who want a long-lasting and tech-friendly option.

Plus, the 50R is easy to use with voice prompts and is durable for multi-year use. The thin profile uses heavy-duty construction to withstand drops or falls.

If riders want a sleek, low-profile, and long-lasting design that won’t break the bank, the Sena 50R is the best on the market.


  • Large group connectivity
  • Durable material
  • Thin profile


  • Noisy wind and rain noise
  • Battery doesn’t last as long while listening to music

Best Compact: Sena Spider ST1

The top Bluetooth headset for a small and low-profile option is the Sena Spider ST1 or RT1.

The ST1 and RT1 are two choices that are ideal for riders who want a simple choice that features buttons, a thin profile, and a low price.

Riders will get a fantastic small and functional headset for long-term use. Suppose you are looking for an easy way to communicate with other riders without an FM radio.

In that case, this versatile intercom is perfect, with a clean design and simple functionality.


  • Low profile
  • Easy-to-use buttons
  • Mesh technology


  • Lacks high-tech features
  • Less durable

Best Music: FreedConn Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

The whole point of using a Bluetooth headset is to use it for music, right?

The FreedConn TCOM-SC BT 5.0 motorcycle Bluetooth headset is the top choice for music lovers who want to listen to Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming services.

The FreedConn’s technology features Bluetooth capability with your mobile phone, built-in FM radio, and GPS navigational services.


  • Waterproof and sunproof
  • LCD touch screen
  • Low price


  • Short 800m intercom range
  • Shorter battery life (10 hours)

Best Camera: Sena 50C

Although there are plenty of fantastic motorcycle camera options, having it built into your headset is pretty handy.

If you need a Bluetooth motorcycle headset to capture photos, we recommend purchasing the Sena 50C.

The 50 series is one of the best headset lines in modern times, featuring a 4k camera, Bluetooth connectivity, and a mesh sound system.


  • Multiple channels for communication
  • High-tech video features
  • Voice assistant


  • Cannot go higher than 30 frames per second
  • Higher-range price

Best Budget: Sena 10R

Looking for a budget motorcycle helmet Bluetooth headset that won’t break the bank? If so, the Sena 10R is a lower-priced alternative to some of their multi-feature headsets.

The Sena 10R offers a mid-range option that is durable, functional, and easy to use.

The 10R offers top-tier integration and three-button controls at a fraction of the premium models.


  • Functional
  • Easy to use
  • Inexpensive


  • Lacks high-end features
  • Shorter range

Bluetooth Headset Chart

Sound Quality ComfortPriceFeaturesBattery LifeEase of Use Range Sena 10SLexin G16Lexin b4fmSena 50RSena Spider ST1/RT1FreedConnSena 50CCardo Pack TalkSena 10RFreecom 4x/2x

Motorcycle Communication Systems Buying Guide

So, how do you choose the best Bluetooth headset for your motorcycle connection needs?

Check out these features and criteria to choose the top option for your needs.


Selecting a microphone and Bluetooth headset that has high-end construction and functionality is key.

You need a long-lasting headset lasting multiple years through intense conditions, such as rain, wind, and drops/falls.

Plus, the construction of your headset directly affects functionality. Make sure you look at the types of mics, liners, and materials used to construct the microphone and headset.


Your headset must be comfortable for multiple days, hours, and years of use.

Choose a headset that forms to your face and offers comfortable padding and material against your face.

The last thing you want is for the material to shave your face or cause blisters or sore spots.

Plus, the earbud design of the headset must be the right design for your face shape and size.

If the earbuds are too big to work with your headset or too large for your face, this can cause irritation and annoyance during use.

Ease of Use

Your motorcycle Bluetooth headset should be functional, simple, and easy to use.

Although most headsets come with a user manual, it is best to select an option that is easy to configure and simple to use while riding.

Make sure your Bluetooth headset has buttons or a touchscreen that makes it easy to control and switch between songs or users while on the go.

You want to choose a Bluetooth headset where the buttons are easy to press with gloves on or a touchscreen that does not experience any glitches after getting wet.


Choosing a Bluetooth headset is very important if you need to connect with multiple users at the same time.

Suppose you are riding with a group and talking with more than one person.

In that case, you need a device that offers reliable and consistent communication.

On our long-distance motorcycle journey, we communicated a lot about when to stop and where to sleep.

For riders who need to speak with one other user, consider choosing a less-expensive option that connects with another rider at a longer range.

Riders must ensure their headset is compatible with their devices and other riders. Select a headset that is compatible with various devices and offers a far-reaching Bluetooth intercom range.

Battery Life

Finding a headset that has a long battery life is crucial for riders who go on all-day rides or multi-day trips.

Battery life and recharge time are key factors when choosing your headset, as they can affect the price of the headset, functionality, and charging ease.

Sound Quality

Last but not least, sound quality is one of the most important factors for users when it comes to choosing a motorcycle headset.

You want to make sure that your music, podcasts, audiobooks, and phone calls can come in with excellent sound quality so you don’t have to strain to listen.

This is especially important if you use the best motorcycle Bluetooth headset for navigational purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a motorcycle rider considering purchasing a Bluetooth headset, check out some of these frequently asked questions before making you make a decision.

What’s the difference between Bluetooth headsets and intercom headsets?

A few key differences between Bluetooth headsets and intercom headsets can influence the product you purchase for your motorcycle trips.

Bluetooth utilizes frequencies over short distances to connect with other riders, play audio files, use streaming services, and listen to navigation apps.

If you want Bluetooth to communicate while on a motorcycle, you must stay within intercom range with the other riders to create a reliable and consistent connection.

On the other hand, an intercom service creates a connecting link between all riders.

Motorcycle intercom systems are 2-way radios with easy “talk” and “end” buttons that can connect multiple users at the same time.

Compared to Bluetooth headphones with wireless technology, intercom, and communication, motorcycle headsets utilize hands-free connection through Power Line Communication.

Can you listen to music while riding?

Is it legal to listen to music, navigation, or phone calls while riding a motorcycle?

Yes. Listening through a Bluetooth device or built-in microphone is allowed in most states.

Still, listening to music at a high volume could cause distractions and unsafe situations for some riders, especially novice motorcycle owners.

Using cancellation headphones or headsets can distract drivers from the dangers around them while on the road.

Over the last decade, motorcycle deaths have increased by 20%.

This indicates the necessity of having safe and reliable communication systems while on the go.

The best way to listen to music while driving is to use your motorcycle sound system.

However, if you find that using a Bluetooth headset can help you focus or provide better sound quality, using a Bluetooth helmet or headset can help you avoid annoying wires or distracted driving.

Selecting the best motorcycle headset can help you stay focused on the current driving conditions regardless of what you choose to listen to while operating your motorcycle.

Should I consider a waterproof headset?

Is It safe to use a Bluetooth headset while riding a motorcycle in inclement weather?

If you consistently drive in the rain, wind, or dangerous weather conditions, purchasing a waterproof headset is a smart choice.

Although almost all headsets are considered water resistant, a waterproof headset is the safest choice.

Not only does a waterproof headset help protect against any electrical issues or connection problems, but the waterproof technology increases sound quality.

Furthermore, waterproof headphones usually last longer than regular headphones or other non-waterproof appliances.

Waterproof headsets’ material and internal wiring are designed to withstand harsh weather, tough falls, and unforeseen circumstances.

Meaning they are more likely to last longer.

Lastly, waterproof headsets are designed for everyday use.

If you enjoy riding your motorcycle multiple times per week, the rugged design of waterproof headsets can keep up with your busy life.


There are numerous choices when it comes to finding the best motorcycle Bluetooth headset for your unique needs.

Choosing the best Bluetooth intercom headsets for your motorcycle helmet depends on a few factors.

These include price, construction, waterproofing, features, and connection possibilities.

Choosing a budget option can provide you with the necessary features for those who want to use a headset just to listen to music or pay attention to navigation.

The best budget option for novice riders is the Sena 10R for basic connection with other riders and easy-to-use construction.

However, suppose you want to use a motorcycle Bluetooth headset to speak to multiple other riders.In that case, it is often the smartest option to choose a multi-functional headset for enhanced connection.

The best premium choice for advanced riders is the Lexin b4fm motorcycle Bluetooth headset.

Selecting the best motorcycle Bluetooth headsets is key for all motorcycle riders to stay safe while in all types of conditions.

Overall, best motorcycle helmet Bluetooth headset is the Sena 10s motorcycle Bluetooth communication systemdue to its features, price, communication reliability, and connection methods.

All of these choices are among the best motorcycle helmet Bluetooth headset picks for good reason.

Whether you are looking for great features, reasonable price budget headsets, waterproof design, or eliminating road noise, any of the picks on this list is an excellent choice for your unique needs.

Safe travels, my friends. ✌️

And keep the rubber side down. 🏍️💨

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