Best Headset For Sound Quality

There’s a vast choice of high-end headphones on the market and many are fitted with myriad high-tech bells and whistles like wireless and noise cancelling. But what if you just want the purest listening experience possible?

With the emphasis firmly on sound quality, audiophile headphones are an ode to outstanding sonics – rather than sensors or streaming tech. Though of course, some of them do pack more tech-forward touches too.

We’ve assembled the best audiophile headphones below. And they’re not necessarily prohibitively expensive – great value sound quality does exist, so don’t discount more affordable options. We’ve put all of these through their paces in a thorough review, and each has come out with flying colours, so you can be sure they all sound fantastic.

How to choose the best audiophile headphones for you

If you want to focus on music, you may be best served by a pair of over-ear wired headphones that offer the perfect balance of musicality and precision. And if that’s the case, you might want to read all about the closed-back vs open-back headphones differences so that you can determine which type is best for you. If you want to add technology to the mix, you could opt for audiophile cans that combine state-of-the-art noise-cancelling tech with state-of-the-art sound.

So what else do you need to consider when buying the best audiophile headphones? To extract the best performance some models will benefit from a high-quality source or a headphone amplifier. Also, keep in mind that audiophile over-ears tend to be made for home listening; neither a 3m cable nor an open-back design is ideal for the train or office.

Ready to rediscover your favourite track or inject new life into a carefully-curated playlist? Our pick of the top high-end, audiophile headphones will level-up your love of music.

These aren’t radically different from their predecessors, but given their quality, they didn’t need to be. (Image credit: What Hi-Fi?)

These are a small improvement over the SR325e, but considering those previously topped this list of best audiophile headphones, any improvement is an achievement in itself. What’s also an achievement is that these picked up a What Hi-Fi? Award in both 2021 and 2022.

So what’s new? On the surface, not much. There are flatter foam earpads, an updated cable and lighter coloured stitching on the firmly padded headband. But the real work has gone on under the hood.

The 44mm drive unit has a revised motor system, new diaphragm and upgraded coil, all to improve efficiency and reduce distortion. And the new 8-conductor cable uses ‘super’ annealed copper to deliver a purer sound.

The result is a smoother listen and more authoritative bass, and an overall cleaner, clearer sound. They take precision and insight to another level, while delivering rhythms with enthusiasm and plenty of punch. The best audiophile headphones just got that bit better.

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When the source material is up to standard, these headphones really shine. (Image credit: Austrian Audio)

While Austrian Audio is a new company, the people behind it are ex-AKG employees and some of the most experienced in the industry. That maturity shines through in its Hi-X50 on-ear audiophile headphones.

They’re solid, quality-built headphones, and components like the headband cushioning and memory foam earpads can be easily replaced. So you don’t need to worry about wear and tear.

To wear, they’re light and easy to ignore, and they come with a 3m cable, though a 1.2m optional extra is also available – worth considering if you’ll be using these cans on the move.

But be warned: they don’t suffer fools gladly. Subpar source material has nowhere to hide, as every scratch and pop is exposed. But when the source material is up to standard, these headphones truly shine, unearthing lots of detail and organising it into a musically cohesive presentation. It’s a pretty even-handed sound, without much in the way of undue emphasis on any part of the frequency range. This balanced performance perfectly matches the brand’s maturity beyond its years.

And if you’re happy to spend a little more for a slightly heavier, bulkier, and slightly better sounding prospect, check out the Austrian Audio Hi-X55.

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These are pleasingly transparent – both sonically and literally, thanks to their see-through design. (Image credit: Shure)

The Aonic 5 are the top in-ear model in Shure’s Aonic range. On paper, their design credentials look suitably impressive. The Aonic 5 use three high-definition balanced armature drivers in a dual woofer and single tweeter configuration.

You can actually get a closer look at the inner working of the buds through the clear section of each earpiece. It acts as a window and makes a welcome change to the dull black plastic used to cover the majority of headphones that pass through our test rooms. The Aonic 5 are available in three different finishes – Matte Black, Gloss Red and Crystal Clear.

They can also work as a wireless pair, using Shure’s true wireless secure fit adapter (which costs an extra £175, $179, AU$309).

While they work with a phone (providing it has a 3.5mm headphone jack), to hear them at their best you really should feed them quality audio files from a quality source. Using a laptop and streaming in lossless CD quality? We’d seriously suggest using the Shures with a dedicated external DAC/headphone amp. Trust us, a good time awaits.

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Pro by name… you know the rest. (Image credit: Beyerdynamic)

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