Best Gaming Headsets For Tarkov

I figured this out on my own. For anyone else wondering, the game currently only uses two channel sound aka stereo. Then, with only recently implementing a small part of steam audio, so it’s not the whole packet of sound delivery and option that steam audio delivers. Just a small bit of it.

Thus now known as the binaural sound option in settings. This sound, binaural, is how the human ears work. Each ear depending on ones head position and where the actual in game sound originates from is how you would hear things in the real world. Each ear works independently yet together to pick up sound and determine the direction of said sound.

So turning off ALL enhancements on ones computer is what you need to do to take advantage of the normal stereo sound setting in game and the binaural sound setting in game, as they are still both only two channel sound. Think of two channel as two ears here.

No enhancement, computer setting wise or 3D/surround sound setting wise on a headset will ever make the two channel sound better, EVER. As there has been nothing coded/implemented in the game to do so, like 5.1 or 7.1 You can’t make something from nothing, to simplify it all for you.

Also the sound is a separate implementation in this game from how the game runs, so when you see people blaming (I’m guilty of this in the past) the sound for having issues it is actually game bugs and issues that are the guilty culprit here. Not the actual sound.

I have included a link for you all to get your headset/sound on point and I encourage you all to watch the entire video because if you don’t you will never understand what is going on in this game concerning sound/s. Here is is.

This will allow you take make the best of things for sound when it come to playing Escape From Tarkov. Both binaural and just playing it without binaural enabled work very well. You just have to make sure that you go into your computers sound and device settings and DISABLE ALL enhancements, that same goes for any headset as well, as in disabling the surround sound/3D modes on them.

To take full advantage of the two channel sound one can tweak EQ settings if they want with software or try any preset EQ settings for two channel if ones headset has these options. Be aware that tweaking EQ settings is very trail and error heavy and will take a long time to dial in, but it can be done. I have finally done this and the Tarkov sound is better than ever for me.

If you do not watch the video and keep complaining about the sound when you’re not educated on how sound works and how it has been implemented in the game thus far, you have no ground to stand on.

I, in good faith hope this finds people that are frustrated, confused or wanting more information on how to make the best of how things sound in this game currently for themselves by not being able to adjust the settings that they need to correctly on their computers and headsets.

Keep enjoying life and Escape From Tarkov all and all the best to you as well.

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