Airlite Pro Wired Headset Review

I never thought I would become a fan of the PDP AIRLITE Pro Wireless Headset, but that’s exactly what happened. From the moment I opened the box, I knew I was about to embark on an interesting journey. Allow me to share my experience with you.

A Rocky Start

As I unpacked the headset, dongle, USB cable, and Getting Started guide, I felt confident in my ability to set it up without any instructions. Little did I know, I was in for a surprise. After charging the headset with the ridiculously short USB cable and plugging in the dongle on my PC, I was met with silence. Pushing buttons on the headset only added to my frustration – I needed help.

I scanned the QR code on the Getting Started guide, hoping for some guidance, but it led me straight to the PDP website with no instructions in sight. Feeling defeated, I decided to try my luck with the headset on my Xbox Series X. To my relief, simply plugging in the dongle and holding the headset power button was all it took to get the sound flowing. Finally, progress!

Best-in-Class Stereo Sound

Despite the initial setback, I soon discovered that the PDP AIRLITE Pro Wireless headset excelled in the audio department. The stereo sound produced by its 50mm drivers was nothing short of fantastic. While it may not offer the immersive 3D audio experience or the clarity of a Dolby Atmos-supported headset, it still managed to impress. I tested it while playing Call of Duty: Vanguard, Fortnite, and reviewing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II. The headset delivered a wide range of sounds, from subtle conversations and footsteps to thunderous gunshots and explosions. Its performance was so impressive that I didn’t even feel the need to switch to my Dolby Atmos-supported headset during my time with Modern Warfare II. The PDP AIRLITE Pro Wireless headset was certainly growing on me.

Multiplayer gaming was a breeze with this headset. It features two volume dials – one for in-game volume and another for adjusting the chat/in-game mix. While the placement of the chat/in-game mix dial was a bit awkward and required some fine-tuning, I eventually found a balance that suited both my teammates and the game. Furthermore, my voice came across clearly, which is crucial when you have a lot to say.

Modest Comfort

Comfort is always a key consideration when it comes to headsets, and the PDP AIRLITE Pro Wireless headset holds its own in this department. The ear cups fit snugly around my ears, providing a level of noise cancellation. Even though I could still hear sounds around me, they were muffled. The headband has ample room for adjustment, accommodating larger heads. Personally, I didn’t need to adjust it too much. However, I must warn you – the headband is quite tight. I once pulled the headset off at an awkward angle, and it snapped into my eye. It was a painful reminder to be more careful.

One standout feature of this headset is the mic boom, which conveniently flips up when not needed, doubling as a mute function. It would be fantastic if all headsets had this flip-to-mute feature. Additionally, there’s a Mode button on the headset, but its purpose remains a mystery to me. Unfortunately, the lack of included instructions or a proper user guide on the website leaves users in the dark.

The Energizer Bunny of Headsets

Battery life is often a concern with wireless headsets, but the PDP AIRLITE Pro Wireless headset defies expectations. I’ve been gaming for a week without needing to recharge it. The box claims 16+ hours of battery life, and it lives up to that promise. This level of endurance is unmatched in my experience, making it a true standout. However, I can’t help but express my frustration with the ridiculously short USB cable included in the package. It’s a minor annoyance, but an annoyance nonetheless.

A Worthy Choice

Although the PDP AIRLITE Pro Wireless headset and I had a rough start, we eventually found common ground. Once I figured out how to pair it with my Xbox Series X, it proved to be a capable wireless headset. The stereo sound it provides is of excellent quality, and while it may lack some advanced features, it’s still more than capable of satisfying most gamers. The comfort level is modest, with generously sized ear cups, comfortable padding, and an expandable headband.

As a bonus, the headset comes with a 1-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, although it only works if you’re not currently subscribed. I do wish that PDP had included a proper quick start guide and feature guide in the box, as I imagine many gamers will face similar challenges when unboxing this headset.

In conclusion, the PDP AIRLITE Pro Wireless headset is an excellent mid-tier gaming headset that offers good sound quality without breaking the bank. It may have some shortcomings, but it’s certainly a worthy pick-up.

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