Here’s how HMD Global is bringing Nokia back to life

When Microsoft decided to change the brands on Lumia smartphones, we all thought that the company we all knew and loved was dead. But out of the blue, HMD Global came out and revived Nokia, the brand we all love so much, back to life.

Nokia is now one of the many brands out there in the Android smartphone market. They are pushing their smartphones a lot to potential customers who want the same quality in their phones that they miss from the good old Nokia days. But how is HMD Global doing things differently and how exactly are they reviving Nokia?

There are two main points that will answer this much-asked question for the public.

Adopting Android OS

Let’s face it, we won’t be knowing the smartphones we know right now without Android. The mobile OS was initially designed to run on feature phones with physical buttons but with the launch of iPhone from Apple, the Android team decided it was time to take the plunge and redesign the whole OS.

As soon as HMD Global decided they were going to launch Nokia again, the company decided that it was time to adopt Android as the main OS for their phones. This is a decision that would have saved the company if they did not go for the Microsoft merger in the past.

The current phones from Nokia run pure Android operating system with little to no bloatware and Nokia has a great track record for updating their phones as well.

Quality over Quantity

One of the major reasons why people used to buy Nokia phones was because they were very sturdy and stood their ground when it came to performance and durability.

The current generation of Nokia devices not only carry good enough specifications for their price point, but they also have amazing designs and build quality. This is a reflection of how HMD Global is working so hard to bring back the awesomeness that we all remember Nokia phones to have.